When you arrive at a Ford dealer showroom, you expect to see trucks and cars, but have you seen Ford’s new RV-inspired van? An adventurous update to their commercial Transit van, the 2023 Transit Trail features upgrades to make traveling in style the best thing you’ll do next summer.

But why now? What makes it so good for camping that it’s worth passing over a normal RV, and where can you get one if it is?

Business is Booming for RV and Van Life Lovers—and Automotive Manufacturers

Why did Ford decide to make a travel-geared van this year? Because according to their own statistics, Class-B motorhome sales have gone by 30% in the last year.

That statistic is just one sign of many that point to a growing number of people becoming interested in RV lifestyles since the pandemic. Remote work opportunities, social distancing needs, and affordability have led many people to travel with and live in vans for the past few years.

While the RV Industry Association’s quarterly forecast showed RV sales slowing down in 2022, that didn’t stop Ford dealers from rolling out the newest Ford van model.

How the Transit Work Van Became the Transit Trail Adventure Van

Creating an RV out of a commercial van was no small feat, but Ford had to start somewhere. The manufacturer took the old Transit van shell and added all the necessities for safe travel and all the comfort and convenience of home to create the Transit Trail van.


Here are just a handful of the features added to the Transit Trail that make it as good as—or better than—other RVs.

Features That Make the RV-Like Transit Trail the Best Home Away From Home

Ford added all-terrain tires, a large bumper, mud flaps, and a haul-ready tow hitch to the van to ensure the Transit Trail would be ready for any environment or equipment. Extra ground clearance helps with off-roading, while side steps make it easy to get into, no matter your size.

Inside, the van has 12-volt batteries, a fuse panel, and an inverter to let you charge your laptop or phone on the go. Upgrades for the Transit Trail include a roof-mounted ventilation fan for extra cool air and front-row swivel seats so you can see the inside of your van from the front when you aren’t driving.

All this makes the Transit Trail worth checking out in person at a Ford dealer. But when can you do that?

When and Where You Can Get Your Own Van

You should be able to find the 2023 Transit Trail van in Ford dealer showrooms across the country in the spring of 2023, selling for just under $66,000. In the meantime, you can get updates on the Transit Trail and check out more of its features on Ford’s website or check back here for more news.

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