Different Types of Recreational Vehicles

Are you looking to buy a recreational vehicle, or are you simply interested in learning more about these fascinating travel-enhancing machines? Look no further! This article will go over the most well-known RV types and the essentials of each.

You may already know a little bit about RVs, but did you know there are a lot of different types of them and that each type can be used in different ways?

Get to Know the Types

You have definitely seen recreational vehicles cruising on the highway, but can you discern which is which type just by looking? Let’s start with the most recognizable types:

Class A Motorhome

The Class A Motorhome is probably the most recognizable recreational vehicle. Why? Because this RV is massive! Upward of 40ft long, this vehicle is as big as some commercial trucks and buses. Typically, these beasts sleep up to eight passengers and can be either gasoline or diesel. Of course, this Rv includes a kitchen, bathroom, and comfortable places to kick back and relax.

What sets the Class A apart is its generous availability of room and comfort and totes an essence of luxury with it. This vehicle makes long trips comfortable and easily enjoyable. It is great for large groups and extended stays.

Class B Camper Van

The Class B Camper Van is different because it is significantly smaller, designed for smaller groups, and has a more fuel-efficient travel experience. While Class B has no slide-out functions, it is still very nice on the inside and usually offers a small kitchen and bathroom, along with 2-4 sleeping options.

The Class B, though smaller in size, utilize every available space. It has a sleek, modern design, is compact, and is equipped for whatever journey is necessary.

Class C Motorhome

The Class C Motorhome is designed specifically for someone looking for a little bit of the Class B Camper Van and the Class A Motorhome combined. Not as big as Class A but bigger than Class B, Class C offers more space, accessibility, better fuel efficiency, and a more desirable price point compared to the Class A Motorhome.

This Vehicle can be recognized by the raised sleeping or storage area that extends over the cab of the RV. This Vehicle sleeps up to eleven passengers, so it is perfect for a large family or group that is looking to take a trip together. This is also a great option for someone who wants the accessibility of a motorhome but does not want to drive a massive vehicle such as the Class A.

Fifth Wheel

The Fifth Wheel is another popular choice among RV owners. While this RV does not drive itself (it has to be towed behind another vehicle), it offers lots of room, similar to the Class A and C Motorhomes. The Fifth Wheel has tons of accessibility, such as the large living spaces, the kitchen, and its multipurpose slide functions.

This RV can sleep up to ten people and is a popular choice among those who live in RVs full time. Similar to the Class A Motorhome, it is a massive RV and offers its travelers options upon options.

Toy Hauler

The Toy Hauler, unique addition to this list, is similar to the Fifth Wheel but has one major difference. Like the Fifth Wheel, the Toy Hauler offers accessibility and space, living quarters, and a kitchen, but has a feature that sets it apart. What makes this RV different is the space in the back of the RV that allows for a multipurpose garage.

If you are someone who likes to take their four-wheelers, dirtbikes, or bicycles, this is the perfect option for you. This RV is perfect for a thrilling adventure with the flexibility and comfort of a Fifth Wheel. It sleeps up to eleven people, and the back of the RV is equipped with a ramp that makes loading and unloading easy.

Travel Trailer

The Travel Trailer is the most popular non-motorized RV option out there. There is a reason the Travel Trailer is more popular than most of the RVs on this list, and there are two reasons for this:

Firstly, the Travel Trailer can be towed by almost every kind of vehicle. A lot of the bigger RVs require a formidable vehicle such as a pickup truck, but the Travel Trailer is versatile enough to be towed by other, smaller vehicles. Secondly, the Travel Trailer is the best option for the price. The reason for this is that this RV is tailored to the customer’s wants and needs. It can be of different sizes, have different floor plans, and can include a wide variety of different features, all for a lower price point. Not to mention it is very easy to set up on your own.

Lightweight Trailer

The Lightweight Trailer is, you guessed it, lighter than most RV types on this list. Without having to sacrifice a lot of space, the Lightweight Trailer cuts down on weight significantly. Often being several thousands of pounds lighter than other RVs.

This allows for smaller trucks and even sedans to be able to haul this RV the distance it needs to go. Also, since the trailer is significantly lighter, it will save owners a fortune on gas.

Expandable Trailer

Also known as pop-ups and slide-outs, the Expandable Trailer captures the essence of minimalistic travel. This type of RV is the smallest out of all the RVs on this list. This also makes it the lightest and most car-friendly trailer. Small trucks and sedans will have no issue hauling this behind them.

Expandable Trailers rely heavily on their ability to provide more once they are parked. Their pop-ups and slide-out options increase the trailer’s availability for space. This Rv is perfect for flexible owners who don’t mind setting up and packing up.

And that concludes this list of Recreational Vehicle types.


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