Road Trip Bliss: The Best Routes for an Unforgettable Drive

Road trips are a romantic part of American culture. Europe has some great roads, but you’ll have to cross several countries, while America has many great roads.

When you want to see the country and experience various parts of what America has to offer, get off the interstate and take your trip along the roads that are slightly less traveled. Some of these amazing roads offer incredible views and amazing drives to take you where you need to go. If you’re looking for an experience, slow down, enjoy the journey, and forget the destinations along these amazing roads.

Route 2: The Great Northern Road Trip

Road planning is amazing, and some roads were created specifically to show us some of the most incredible areas of the country. Route 2 crosses the northern states from Maine to Washington, offering more than 2,000 miles of amazing wilderness and views to give you a great way to see and enjoy some of the northern states in America. This road shows you Acadia National Park and heads into Canada through Ottawa and Montreal before coming back into Michigan. If you want some of the most picturesque roads to travel, head across this incredible road.

Route 66: Still an Amazing Roads to Travel

If you want to enjoy the quintessential driving road created to offer a direct route from Chicago to Los Angeles, you’ll want to start in Chicago and take Route 66 through several states to the west. The starting point is in Millennium Park, giving you a wonderful view to get things started. This road offers some of the most creative and interesting roadside attractions while going through eight different states.

Blue Ridge Parkway: The Appalachian Mountains Road to Remember

When you want a shorter road trip but still want a great road with incredible views, you’ll love driving along the Blue Ridge Parkway. This road takes you from Afton, Virginia, to Cherokee, North Carolina, with a speed limit that is only 45 mph, and that’s only on some stretches of this amazing road. You’ll find some incredible views, especially if you take this road and enjoy the ride during the autumn when the leaves have begun changing colors.

Highway 1: Pacific Coast Highway

Would you like to drive along a road that has the Pacific Ocean to the left? If so, Highway 1 is well known as one of the most scenic and amazing roads to drive in the entire country. This road runs from Orange County to Mendocino County along the California Coastline. If you love visiting beaches, this is a wonderful road for you to enjoy during your drive. You can stop and see the whales at Big Sur and each a meal on Pier 39 in San Francisco when you drive along this amazing route.

The Mighty 5: A Great Way to See National Parks

The Mighty 5 Road Trip is an incredible drive that takes you across the state of Utah through five of the most incredible National Parks in the southwest. You’ll enjoy the views at Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon, Capital Reef, Canyonlands, and Arches National Park. If any of these locations are on your bucket list, this road tour makes it easy for you to visit all of them and enjoy the amazing views offered in this state.

I-80: A Real Interstate Road Trip

If you want to take a cross-country road trip and you want to utilize an interstate to make that journey, I-80 is the road to use. This road spans the entire country from Teaneck, New Jersey, to San Francisco, California, with several stops in between where you can enjoy some cool views. This road allows you to keep the destination in mind while also taking you across 11 different states in the country, where you can stop and enjoy what each has to offer.

Highway 50: Take the Loneliest Road

Highway 50 crosses much of the same areas as I-80, but it’s not an interstate, and it takes a less-driven path across the country. If you want to see the amazing views of Lake Tahoe, Arches National Park, the Great Plains, and the Appalachian Mountains along the journey from San Francisco, California, to Ocean City, Maryland. This road is truly how you can take the long way and cross 12 different states along the way.

Will you take one of these incredible and picturesque road trips across the country? These roads are some of the most amazing you’ll find in our great country.

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