12.28.16 - Mercedes-AMG GT R

One of the most impressive cars on the market today is the Mercedes-AMG GT R. This is a car that offers roadster good looks, supercar performance, a large wing in the back and the long hood to house a massive engine. Up front you’ll see one of the meanest faces on the entire automotive market and see two eyes that are glaring at you as the flank the wide angry mouth of the massive grill. This car is built to hug the track and to rip through the curves with ease, giving you one of the most impressive performance cars on the market, but is it really the “Beast of Green Hell.”

While Mercedes-AMG makes this claim, there is not official track time that shows this car as the official fastest car to lap Nurburgring. This world famous test track is where nearly every automaker takes their cars to test them against the track that has so many elevation changes and curves to be the place that every automaker wants to drive and see how their car matches up against the rest. The claim from Mercedes-AMG is that this car was developed on the track itself, which it certainly could have been, but is it the Beast?

The unofficial time that was clocked by Sport Auto Magazine came in at 7:10.9 for the Mercedes-AMG GT R. That’s certainly blindingly fast and one that we can talk about. While this speed isn’t official and we can’t say if the driver was pushing the car to its limits or not, this dies give us a basis for comparison to other models that have made their way to the track for a fast lap around one of the most challenging courses in the entire world.

For starters, the Mercedes-AMG GT R was faster around this track than the Lexus LFA Nurburgring, the Dodge Viper SRT-10 ACR and the Ferrari 488 GTB. That puts this car ahead of some seriously impressive company and could make a case for it being the Beast. On the other hand, the GT R didn’t best the Nissan GT-R NISMO, the Lamborghini Aventador SV or the Porsche 918 Spyder. All three of these cars were quicker at the Green Hell, which makes a much better case for one of them to actually be the Beast of this challenging course that’s known around the world.

While the Mercedes-AMG GT R might not have been the fastest car at the track, it certainly is one of the most impressive and you’ll never be disappointed if this is the car you choose to drive and enjoy. This impressive large two seater is an absolute dream to drive and it easily could have been born out of the twists, turns, elevation changes and challenges of the Green Hell track of Nurburgring. Maybe what we really need is an official time around the track to see if this car can lay stake to the claim of being the “Beast of Green Hell.”

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