08.22.16 - Cadillac Ranch

There is one road in the US that’s more talked about as the road to travel when you want to take a road trip. This road is not an interstate that will deliver you at faster speeds across the country, it’s a laid back stretch of road that runs the route from Chicago to Los Angeles to give you a long and enjoyable ride when you have nothing but time on your hands. The road I speak of is of course Route 66 and its worth every mile you drive on it. Here are five things you need to see as you travel on this long admired road on your own perfect American road trip.

66 Drive-In – After you drive for several hours and have seen the Gateway Arch in St. Louis you will come to an area near Carthage, MO that will allow you to enjoy something that’s not around many places anymore; a drive-in theater. This is one of the few that’s still in operation and you can enjoy some current movies in your car, an experience you don’t enjoy often enough anymore.

Pops Restaurant – As you continue on your drive across the countryside that shows you many views that haven’t changed in years there is a restaurant that sounds like it’s from the 50s, but in reality this is futuristic location. While the food is your typical diner food you can enjoy a selection of over 600 different drinks from around the world in a diner that offers futuristic appearances and a modern feeling before you head out again.

Cadillac ranch – In Amarillo, TX you will see something that you would never see on an interstate, an art project made from cars. This is a location where there are several Cadillac models that are half buried in the ground and are covered in graffiti from the various travelers who have stopped to add their own touch to the art project. Stop and add your own touch to the cars as a lasting tribute to your own road trip story.

Georgia O’Keeffe Museum – This is the only museum in the world that is dedicated to an American female artist that is known around the world. The museum is in New Mexico and the artwork of the long since passed Ms. O’Keeffe features many vistas that you will see along your route. A stop in Santa Fe will be worth your while as you see how she captures the artistry of the drive in over 3,000 of her original works of art.

Petrified Forest National Park – If you love hiking, seeing fossils or enjoying something that is different the 50,260 acres of this park will take your breath away. You can hike a wide variety of trails that are meant for every level of hiker and enjoy the view of the wood that was petrified in the Triassic period which was nearly 225 million years ago. You might even come across some dinosaur fossils or a scorpion to make your hike even more exciting.

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