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Since the beginning of the building of the first wagon that was pulled by horses vehicles have been used to make it easier to move cargo from one place to another. This practice is one that has changed over time, but vehicles that are built today continue on this grand tradition of being able to haul products from one place to another, but there are times when the vehicles we purchase don’t have this capability.

Thankfully pickup trucks are made to be the heavy haulers we need and want them to be and many are built to be able to carry a full size sheet of plywood from the store to home in the bed of the truck. Unfortunately pickup trucks often leave you with a challenge when hauling any type of wood. While a full size bed will give you the space between the wheel wells you need to haul a 4’x8’ sheet of plywood you must have something to protect both the wood and the bed from being damaged by the loading and unloading process.

If you have a spray in bed liner you have at least the ability to protect the truck bed, which is fantastic, but still there isn’t a way to protect the wood from possible damage. Some wood isn’t rough cut and isn’t rough sawn either and needs to arrive at the destination in perfect condition in order to be used on a jobsite or at home. Not only do you need the wood to be in good condition, when you load a full sheet of plywood in the bed of your truck the only place you can put your tools and gear is on top of the wood, making for more possible damage to the wood that it would have by just lying in the bed of the truck.

In order to correct this problem, especially with an older truck that doesn’t have the 2×4 holes that are needed for some of the plywood racks that are sold now you might want to consider building a railing system for your truck that would give you a pair of roll bars to put the wood on and give you space to place your tools underneath. With this system in place you can have a great storage space for your tools while you make sure the wood you haul doesn’t damage the bed of your truck or vice versa.

In this video we see a railing system being made using a welding process. You can do this as well and create a way to make the bed of your truck more useful than ever before. With this railing system in place your truck turns into the work space you want it to be and you don’t even have to unload your tools first to get to the wood and can even leave some of the wood on the rails during the day if you don’t need it right away, making for a drastic improvement on the perfect marriage of cargo and truck together.

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