Cadillac Sedan

Cadillac Sedan

Cadillac has had a bit of a roundabout way of making good on its promises over the past couple of years.
First, they stated a goal to build some new sedans that would all sit above the CTS in the lineup to give us the large and luxurious models that would make their way to the market. Not long after this announcement, the SUV market exploded and every automotive brand, including Cadillac, needed to shift gears and put their focus on the SUVs in the lineup while putting the sedans on the back burner.

Thankfully, Cadillac was able to bring the CT6 to the market to be the first model above the CTS that we’ve had in a long time. In addition, they redesigned their midsize crossover SUV to bring us the XT5 which leaves us with room for other SUV models to slot into the market and become vehicles that can be great for the drive on the road. We also know the next SUV, the XT4, will arrive in a short period of time but what’s happened to the sedans that were promised before the SUV market took off?

Enter the new Escala

Do you remember the concept model of the Cadillac Escala that showed up on the stages in 2016? If not, you should take a look back and see what this stunning car offered when it was the concept that made its way around the tour two years ago. This car is aggressive, attractive, powerful, and filled with luxury items and has been a car that we’ve wanted to see brought to the market since it crossed the stage. It appears the Escala will soon make its way to the market and be the new flagship model from this brand.
Expected to enter production in December 2021, the new Escala will share the same platform and a majority of the architecture as the current CT6. This is the Omega platform that offers you an excellent build and will allow the Escala to be a four-door coupe and it appears this model will also keep the name it came across the stage with to be one that will allow you to have an excellent drive and large luxury vehicle to enjoy. This car will be a different model in name because it won’t become part of the alphabet soup that seems to be the trend in luxury vehicles of today.
The expectation is the new Escala will be built in the shame Hamtramck plant that makes the CT6 to make it an easy model to have the production line needed. It should be offered in both RWD and AWD versions to give us what we’ve come to enjoy in the CT6. While the expectation is that we won’t have exactly the same car as the concept that was shown in 2016, if it offers ninety percent of the style and qualities offered in the concept model, it will become a car that we can certainly admire and enjoy.

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