Jeep Lovers do Easter Weekend Right

The week leading up to Easter is a time of celebrating religious holidays around the world, which is how Jeep lovers view their time in Moab.

Easter Celebrations are Tradition

Depending on your religious beliefs and the church you attend, there may be several different celebrations and hours of remembrance during this time.  For others, Easter is a time to celebrate the spring season with hidden eggs and candy treats that have been brought to your home by the Easter Bunny.

Either way, Easter is a wonderful time to look for what’s new and what’s to come as the flowers begin to bloom, and green returns to the grass. For Jeep loves, the week leading up to Easter is a completely different time of the year.

Jeep has a Tradition

Every year for the past several years, Jeep has hosted an annual Moab Easter Safari that allows us to see what the Jeep vehicles and concepts are capable of. This track in the desert is one of the most challenging courses in the world and its set up to test the capabilities of the Jeep models while also making it difficult for the drivers who are behind the wheel.

Preparing for the Jeep Event

Not quite the same as Catholics who make Lent a time of preparation, Jeep wants to ensure the vehicles brought to Moab are going to be able to handle the drive around this area and conquer the course. With this in mind, the team at Jeep has to test the vehicles they are taking to the desert to enjoy the ride and see what the course has to offer when it’s time to head out on the trails and see what can be done as these vehicles take on the off-road area.

Jeep has released a couple of teaser images of new concept models that have been upgraded in collaboration with Mopar to get things started and give us a hint at what we’ll see during this event. The Moab Easter Safari takes place for an entire week which means from March 24 to April 1 this year to make it fun and adventurous for all who can attend and witness these impressive Jeep models in action.

New Jeep Models Show Off in Moab

As we get closer to the event, we can hope that Jeep will offer us a look at more of the concepts that will be built to handle this ride. The two concept images offered to show us models that seem to be based on the new 2018 Wrangler, with one of them wearing a “Jeepster” badge on the front fender.

This concept seems to have been inspired by the Jeepster Commando from the 1960s and 1970s along with a two-tone exterior featuring a contrasting white hardtop and a steeply-sloped rear window. The other image gave us a look at a front end that shows off a new front bumper, a grille guard, and a ram air hood.

This model also seems to have LED headlights and more aggressive off-road tires for the drive around Moab.

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