Popular online car dealerships like Carvana have proved that buying a car online is possible. As it turns out, it’s not only possible, but it can actually be easier and much less of a hassle than buying from a brick-and-mortar dealer.

Let’s take a look at some of the perks shopping from an online car dealer offers and what you can expect if you go this route. Could the future of car buying be online? Read on and decide for yourself.

Shop at Your Own Pace With an Online Car Dealer

Online car dealerships allow you to stay in control of your time throughout the entire car-buying process. Unlike traditional used car dealerships where you likely will spend more time than you intended browsing inventory, you’ll have the option to shut off the computer When it’s time to put the font on pause. The convenience of shopping for a vehicle anytime that works for your morning, noon, and night is one of the biggest perks that online car dealerships offer.

When you’re in a dealership, it can be overwhelming and even intimidating to have to make a decision right on the spot. Even if you don’t make a decision, you might feel like you’re wasting someone’s time as they wait for you to make up your mind. When you shop online, You will have the freedom to control the car-buying process so that you feel confident in the decision you make with your new vehicle purchase.

Explore More Automotive Options

You don’t have to be constrained to a single automaker the way you might if you shop with a dealership. Shopping online allows you to explore virtually every make and model available. There’s no driving between dealerships or waiting on a salesperson to give you the latest inventory information. Explore at your own pace, browse models that you’re interested in, and enjoy the freedom of browsing new makes and models that you might not have otherwise shopped.

Compare Rates Amongst the Competition

Comparing auto rates amongst the competition has never been easier than when you shop online. Many online dealerships know how easy it is for you to compare rates from one dealer to another. Because of this, many online dealerships will offer naturally competitive rates. As a consumer, this is hands down one of the biggest perks of shopping online.

How to Shop Smart With an Online Car Dealer

Whenever you make any transaction online, you need to do your due diligence in order to make sure you’re getting exactly what you’re asking for, and in worst case scenarios — you’re not getting scammed out of thousands of dollars.

Being able to discern between a legitimate online car dealer and scam operation can be difficult if you’re not familiar with red flags to look for it. If you shop with an online dealer, make sure they are legitimate by contacting their offices, speaking with past customers, and reading up on online reviews about the company.

Legitimate companies will offer better incentives, greater protection, and better quality service. If it’s a company you haven’t heard of before, is a small-scale operation, or just seems overall questionable, don’t waste your time or energy pursuing them.

Is the Future of Car Buying Online?

Purchasing a vehicle online can save you time and money, but you need to have a sense of online shopping in order to make a well-thought-out purchase. As e-commerce continues to grow, and people acclimate to safely and securely shopping online, the future of car buying does seem to favor online markets. Until then, nothing compares to the quality customer service, one-on-one interaction, and salesman expertise that traditional dealerships offer you.

Luckily, many traditional dealerships see the value in online shopping, and have been able to successfully evolve the shopping experience so that they offer both in person access and online access. Chances are, if there is a dealership you really want to work with, they’ll likely offer an online experience that will allow you to purchase your vehicle without ever stepping foot in the dealership.

Because traditional dealerships still offer competitive advantages over online dealerships, they likely won’t be going anywhere anytime soon, even as online car dealerships continue to grow.

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