Can You Trust Used Car Dealerships

While shopping for a used vehicle might not come with the same hefty price tag as a new one, used vehicles can still be a pretty big ticket purchase. Because of this, it’s understandable to wonder whether or not you can trust a used car dealership.

Today, we will help ease your mind by offering some insight that will make you feel a lot more confident once you get onto that used car lot. Here are some signs to keep an eye out for when you are shopping used.

Are the Sales People Too Pushy?

A quality-run dealership will be equipped with salespeople who are working with your best interest in mind, not the other way around. This means they’re not pushing you or crossing any personal boundaries to get you into a specific vehicle.

A car salesperson that is being overly pushy, or making a slew of promises and guarantees, is someone you’ll want to stay away from. Most people can be a good judge of character and if you feel like your salesperson is being too pushy, it might be time to shop somewhere else.

Poor Inventory Might Mean Poor Quality

A quality-run dealership will have an inventory that will reflect that. While you shouldn’t expect a used car dealer to have every single make and model on their lot, you should look for one that has a pretty decent amount of vehicles.

Aside from major global economic impacts like the supply chain issues we saw during the coronavirus pandemic, there really isn’t a good reason for a quality used car dealership to have poor inventory.

It’s important to note that some dealerships won’t be able to keep all their used inventory on their lot. Be sure to ask if your dealership has other locations where they can tap into for more used inventory as well. If they do, this might be a clue that it’s a dealership you want to work with.

As you consider inventory, ask about whether or not the dealership has certified pre-owned vehicles. This will clue you into whether or not they have experts on hand who inspect the quality of their used inventory.

If the Financing Is Too Good to Be True, It Probably Is

Used car dealerships that have questionable financing options are a dead giveaway that they might not be a dealership to trust. As you browse around different used car dealerships, inquire about their financing process and what options they have available for different buyers. Questions to consider include what lenders do you work with, do you have any in-house financing, and if so what does that process look like? Keep in mind that quality used car dealerships will often have strong ties to reputable local lenders in your community.

Do Your Due Diligence

Do your own research about the used car dealership you’re planning to work with. This means going online, reading their reviews, and even speaking to past clients. You can gain an impressive amount of knowledge without ever having to step into the dealership itself. By doing your due diligence beforehand, you can save yourself a headache as you’ll be able to figure out if the dealership is worth your time, to begin with.

Don’t Let Shopping Used Intimidate You

Buying a used vehicle remains to be one of the best financial decisions any driver can make. While there are poor used car dealerships out there, it goes without saying that not all dealerships are alike.

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