Is It Worth It

Is It Worth It

There are times in our lives when we have to make choices and weigh the consequences that could be part of what we experience. Whether the consequence is a loss in some way, a disappointment to others or taking a few steps back, it’s often pretty easy for us to figure out what the consequences of our actions could be when we are in control of all of our faculties. This is when we’re often prone to make pro/con lists or simply think about the aspects of the environment and experience to make the right decision.

The trouble with making decisions is that we often don’t realize that everything we do is the result of a decision we’ve made. When you choose to sit on the couch and watch TV instead of working out, the results could be excess body weight. When you choose to spend money instead of saving it, the results could be an empty bank account. The results of choosing to drink too much and then get behind the wheel of a car don’t always lead to a deathly crash but can have some serious negative results when you make decisions when impaired.

Results You Know You Wouldn’t Want

Recently a man in Indiana was arrested for robbing a convenience store. This doesn’t seem to be big news because it happens often and in some areas of the country is a daily occurrence. You might think that if you’re going to make the decision to commit a crime, you’re going to want to have your mind clear and able to think and react quickly, but apparently, that wasn’t the case for this man. As he robbed the convenience store, he made off with food, drinks, and cigarettes, but drove off and eventually ran out of gas.

It was fairly easy for the Indiana State Police to arrest this man because he was on the side of a two-lane highway without out any fuel. The convenience store that he had robbed not only had more items he could have been interested in but also offered the most important item for him, gasoline. When he was arrested, the man’s blood alcohol was tested and found to be above the legal limit, which was certainly a contributing factor in the decision to rob the station, decide not to take gas as well, and get behind the wheel at all.

While this man is facing charges that amount to felony robbery charges, the fact is he is alive, didn’t harm anyone else and is overall extremely lucky. Possibly, the next time he has to make a decision he will choose to avoid alcohol before he gets behind the wheel or makes any decision at all. His story could have been much different, especially since he was driving on a two-lane highway with other traffic passing going in the opposite direction. The moral of the story is, don’t make decisions when you’ve been drinking, don’t drink and drive, and when your car is low on gas, fill it up.

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