03.31.16 - Alfa Romeo Giulietta

Do you want a small luxury hatchback to drive? The number of hatchbacks that come from luxury and exotic automakers that are sold in the US tells us we really don’t want to spend more for a small car. That is unfortunate because Alfa Romeo has come out with the Giulietta which could be a sporty and fun hatchback sports car for us to fully enjoy and love, but it’s not coming to the US anytime soon. This car has made the European tour, which is where it will be sold, but no argument has told us this car is coming to our shores. Here are some reasons we should all want this car on our market to drive:

Engines – The Giulietta will have several four-cylinder turbocharged engines to make it a fun car to drive. These engines include a 1.4-liter with 120 horsepower, a 1.4 multiair that will make 150 horsepower, another 1.4 multiair that tunes up to 170 ponies and the 1,750cc that pushes out 240 horsepower. While that would be enough for us here, the Europeans also get to choose from four diesel engines that meet or exceed their more relaxed emissions regulations, making this a car that anyone can love.

Hot Hatch – The Giulietta is a hatchback built to offer good performance which makes it a hot hatch. While we seem to have a few of these performance small cars right now, we need more. If the Ford Focus RS sells well and gains a great following we may see more hot hatches makes their way to our shores to be the performance models we want to enjoy. In reality, every automaker should take their hatchbacks and make at least one hot hatch out of them to offer the driving excitement that can be offered with these small but agile vehicles.

Affordability and Drivability – What do we have from Alfa Romeo right now? The 4C is the only model offered which will eventually be joined by the Giulia but the 4C is not a car you want to drive on a daily basis. The more you drive a car the less chance it will survive the drive. When the Giulia arrives it will be the only daily driver from Alfa Romeo, but it has a high price that puts it in the luxury category. Having the Giulietta would give us a car from Alfa Romeo that stared under $30,000 to be more affordable and a great daily driver.

Looks – This car looks like a hatchback, but it also gives you the style you want to enjoy from the Italian name. The signature features you expect to enjoy from Alfa Romeo are all in place on the Giulietta to give you the look you want at a price you can afford. This is a car that will turn some heads with its great style but also give you the ability to maneuver in the city with the easy and fun that comes with driving a hatchback.

Need – While Alfa Romeo took a hiatus from the US market for a while, the 4C hasn’t even sold 1,000 units for the brand. We need more selection from this name in order to help make it the volume selling name it wants to be. With the new Giulia running into launch delays this new hatchback could be the starting point to a new fan base of drivers that can afford this luxury hatchback and will grow to want to buy the Giulia or the 4C in the future. It’s time for Alfa Romeo to take a chance on the US market and let us enjoy the same cars they are selling in Europe.

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