12.05.16 - Qoros 3

The automakers that are found in China have been making huge strides over the past few years to produce better quality products and advance technology faster than ever before. With the massive investments being made by these companies we’re going to continue to see improvements in technology in the automotive world with China as the source country. This will certainly include improved EV technology, which is already on its way and should also be the country that uses the camless engine first to bring us a new way to enjoy what an engine can do.

Recently Koenigsegg created Freevalve which is the first camless engine that has been produced to be used for mass production. This video is the same one that the Chinese car brand Qoros was presented with and they seem ready to put this technology into their vehicles to move forward with the small engines that can be a part of what’s needed for their customers to drive. Currently their brand of cars uses a 1.6-liter turbocharged engine that was developed in German, but they want something more and choose to reach out to Koenigsegg regarding the camless engine that Freevalve AB has to offer.

This new engine is not only built to give more of what customers want in the performance, but it will create a much lower cost to manufacture for whatever company chooses to bring it to market. This engine has smaller dimensions than a typical engine and with no camshaft to deal with the manufacturing costs would be lowered significantly. This was exactly what Qoros was looking for and they are already starting to call it the Qamfree engine. This engine has a conventional port injection but does without the camshaft drive, wastegate, throttle body or pre-catalytic converter.

This new engine does have a higher compression, improved cold start, lower backpressure, individual cylinder shutdown and complete valve control. All this sounds like a huge improvement over the typical engine we use today. The numbers pan out for this to give us 47 percent more torque, 45 percent more power, use 15 percent less fuel and have 35 percent fewer emissions. This all comes from an engine that’s smaller, lighter and cheaper to build. This has to be the engine that most manufacturers will want because weight savings and power addition have been a priority in the past few years.

This new engine was shown off at the Gaungzhou Motor Show in the Qoros 3. This company will built a fleet of test vehicles to see how the new engine performs and if everything goes according to plan we’ll begin to see this new camless engine offered from this company in the markets it serves. Don’t be surprised of this engine, or a variant of it makes its way to our market in the future as well. This engine sounds like it could be the answer many automakers have been searching for.

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