11.28.16 - Infiniti Q70

Luxury used to mean soft rides in comfortable cars that were larger than most, giving you some exceptional features that would allow you to enjoy a great drive. Over the years it seems luxury has changed to mean sporty, planted and exciting as many luxury brands have chased BMW for top billing. In some cases Infiniti is guilty of this as well, but they still offer a car that is one of the most impressive luxury vehicles on the market while still offering you a softer side to the luxury moniker than you find with most other brand names.

The Infiniti Q70 is one of the longest running vehicles on the market today with the same look and style in the 2017 version as was found in the 2011 model. If you look back to before the name changes were put in place at Infiniti this car has been around even longer than that. While it may be an aging model in the automotive world, the Q70 continues to be a car that can easily put a smile on your face and give you the looks and drive you want to enjoy on any road.

The Q70 is powered by an impressive 5.6-liter V8 engine that produces 420 horsepower and 417 lb.-ft. of torque. This car uses a seven-speed automatic transmission and gives you reasonable fuel mileage at 16 city/23 hwy mpg, but fuel mileage isn’t why you buy a car that comes to you at nearly $70,000, you buy this car for the luxury feel and the reputation the Q70 carries forward to show you how impressive this car can be on any road. Whether you think a car that’s been around this long is right for your driving or not, this car handles the task with ease.

One way the Q70 differs from most of the other luxury cars in its class is in the form of style. You don’t see sharp angles at the front or frowning headlights adorned with LED eyebrows. Instead the Q70 gives you long and luscious curves that seem to never end. This softer look that feel more welcoming and comfortable is a serious draw for this car that comes to you more like a place that feels familiar and comforting rather than a sharp edged competitor that’s out looking for a fight. Sometimes you just need a car to be the smooth and soft side for you.

On the inside the Q70 shows up with a cabin that’s impressively full of soft and comfortable materials. You can hear how quiet this cabin is as well, making it a great place for you to rest your head for a few minutes before your next meeting or activity. The center area offers a plethora of buttons and dials for you to figure out which ones control different functions on your vehicle, but they are easy to learn and use after a couple times running through them. Overall, you can enjoy the ride in this spacious and comfortable cabin that’s built for the original meaning of luxury.

Driving this big car will surprise you a bit. When you get behind the wheel, knowing this car is getting long in the tooth, you might expect a slow acceleration and a long time to reach the power you need. This isn’t the case at all as you’re able to punch the accelerator and have the car take off in a way that rivals some sports cars. Of course if you have the AWD system in your model you won’t have to worry much at all about the car getting out of control.

Overall, the smooth ride in a comfortable and quiet cabin with the use of a powerful engine makes the Q70 continue to be a car that’s easily one of the most admired if you give it a chance. For those naysayers who demand something with sharp edges and creases, they need to take a ride in this beautiful car and see just what it has to offer. The Q70 from Infiniti continues to be one of the most impressive cars in its class, giving us a car that puts comfort ahead of all else for a great ride.

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