05.09.16 - 2016 Honda Accord

When you have to shop for a new vehicle there are many factors to consider. On today’s market we have to consider not only the vehicle itself, but what it offers compared to others on the market. Many of today’s sedans have a style and performance that make the sedans of years ago look and feel like they were afterthoughts just because this was the segment of the market that we shopped the most. Even though it felt as though automakers weren’t making an effort for years in this segment, they really were and this has been one of the most competitive segments for many years.

What do you need in a family sedan? When you know you don’t need to drive an SUV or a minivan, but can have all the comfort and space you need in a great sedan that can handle the duties of being your family car, your commuter vehicle and the one you choose for your vacation travels There are many to choose from. Do you need a sedan that has amazing features, power and performance or do you need a spacious trunk and the ability to fold the seat down to put odd shaped items in the pass through? Here are several you should keep in mind.

Honda CivicThis is a great choice for your family sedan when you need to keep the price lower but have enough space for everyone. This is one of our favorite cars and it comes in the compact sedan class as a car that will give you the affordability and fuel mileage you need. There are plenty of impressive features for you to enjoy and make part of your life including the backup camera, Bluetooth connectivity, cruise control and automatic climate control just to name a few.

Chevrolet MalibuThis car is new for 2016 and comes at you with a gorgeous look and feel to give you a car that seems like it should be in a much higher class of vehicle. There is plenty of room in this midsize family sedan and it lets you feel like you have everything you could ever want a car to be. With plenty of fuel mileage and the addition of some great safety features such as ten airbags, a rearview camera, Rear Cross Traffic Alert, Forward Collison Alert, Front Pedestrian Alert and Automatic Parking Assistance the Malibu helps you stay safe when driving, which is an extremely important feature.

Hyundai SonataDid you know the Sonata has been around for seven generations? If not, you do now, but it feels like it’s only been around a few years. With this lengthy lifespan the Sonata has come to be a car that we look to for style and a package full of great features at a price that is affordable for everyone. Having Apple CarPlay and Android Auto in the infotainment system to go along with the Bluetooth and automatic headlight controls we see this as a car that is affordable but on the cutting edge of technology.

Kia OptimaThe Optima is the cousin to the Sonata and offers a great menu of features as well. This is a car that we categorize as a midsize sedan but it has a rear that is closer to the full size market. This makes it much easier for you to install car seats and use the center seat as an actual passenger location instead of a seat that punishes the smallest person in the car. The trunk is large as well at sixteen cubic feet to give us the best size in the class.

Honda AccordThe Accord is a high quality vehicle that is one of the most reliable on the market. It has been known for reliability for generations and is a family sedan that has plenty of space for you to enjoy. The power is strong from any of the engines you choose, but you don’t have to give up the fuel mileage you want to enjoy just to have a bit more power. The CVT Honda uses is much better than most, which makes you wonder if they are ever going to share their secret to the CVT which haunts most automakers but not Honda.

Chevrolet ImpalaThis has been the namesake of a family car from Chevrolet for several decades. As one of the roomiest full size family cars you can buy this is a great place for your family to be able to relax and enjoy the ride while you handle the controls. The commitment to change in this vehicle shows up big in the engine area where the old V8 has been replaced by a wonderful V6 to give you a lighter and more efficient car for the ride.

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