05.13.16 - 2016 BMW 3-Series

When a car has been on the market for forty years or more there is expected to be changes that make the car look much different with every model year. Take a look at the Chevrolet Camaro; the models of today don’t look anything like what we saw ten years ago, twenty years ago, in the 1980, 1970s or even during its original time on the market. If you were to look at this car as an evolution you couldn’t as the Camaro has been built and rebuilt over the years to bring us dynamic designs that have finally taken it back to the muscle car days of old.

One car that has been on the market for forty years and has made little changes to the overall style is the BMW 3-Series car. This car has had the same thought in mind when BMW built it originally in 1975 that it still has today. That thought is one of a car that offers exceptional driving ability in a car that has understated styling and is a car that can be enjoyed every single time you set foot inside it to take a drive.

Because BMW hasn’t worried as much about style in the 3-Series as they have about the handling, driving, power and the overall balance of the car they have had a champion of a car for the entire time it’s been in existence which has been a car we have loved to admire and enjoy, even if it’s not as flashy as some of the super sports cars that are on the market today that offer the massive styling and the drive that only a few people can understand or appreciate. Not only are those cars over the top, they are typically overpriced which means only a few people can afford them.

The BMW 3-Series is a car everyone can drive. Whether you are a professional driver or someone who is looking for their next great car to drive on a daily basis, this is the car that can fit the bill. The balance and handling the has been perfected over forty years allows you to enter and exit corners at speed and tear through a country road in a way you wouldn’t in a sports car. The 3-Series may be one of the most subdued cars ever built in terms of style, but it has always held a place in our hearts as one of the best cars to drive.

In this fun video that is linked below you can see the transformation of the 3-Series over the forty year span including the racing models that have been built of this car. The favorite among them has always been the E30 M3 which seems to be lauded as the perfect driving car where BMW must have had all their planets align just right when they made it, but you can tell that this car has been an evolution and not a redesign or rebuild as its transformed from the 1975 version to the ones we see on the BMW dealer lots today. See for yourself in this video.


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