The Evo performance is Returning

For many of us that love cars and tuning the term Evo signifies a specific level of performance and presence on the road that can be the most fun and active for us to enjoy what we want when we head out on the road. The Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution that comes to mind for us is a performance model that was built for the way we wanted to experience our time on the road. Even though we’ve thought of Evo performance as meaning we get a more active small car to drive and push to the limits, the future of the Evo tag may be different from what we’ve experienced in the past.

The newest addition to the lineup which will be revealed as a concept model at the Tokyo Motor Show will be a model called the e-Evolution Concept. This is expected to be an EV crossover concept that will debut and be the basis for the future of the Mitsubishi name and bring this brand farther forward in the EV market. This new concept is expected to usher in more from this brand than what we’ve expected to give us the vehicles we will want to drive from this brand.

What Will the e-Evolution Concept Bring?

This new concept will have the qualities of a 4WD system that’s right for the drive when the need presents itself for you to go out on the trails. This system is expected to offer the EV powertrain that will also bring in the advanced Artificial Intelligence that’s been developed. The look and feel will be a low-slung and aerodynamic SUV Coupe that can be right for you on the road. Once this concept takes shape and is offered as a production model we’ll see a lineup that follows along with more EV models than we’ve ever had from Mitsubishi.

While we’re familiar with the Lancer Evo and look forward to the new e-Evolution Concept, the Evo badge has been used on an SUV in the past as well. The Pajero Evolution was built from 1997 to 1999 which was a special vehicle that was created to allow the brand to enter the Dakar Rally race. This particular SUV offered an upright look and a 3.5-liter V6 engine that produced 276 horsepower, which is a huge difference from the e-Evolution model that will show up in concept form.

You can expect to learn more about the e-Evolution Concept later this month when the Tokyo Motor Show is being held. This could be the vehicle that begins the resurgence of the Mitsubishi model and it certainly will carry a badge that we’ve enjoyed and admired for many years. This new Evo model can become the right choice when it makes its way to production, but we need to see what it actually provides when it comes to the performance offered and, as an EV model, the range that will be able to be enjoyed when this SUV hits the streets.

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