02.24.17 - Chevrolet Lego Batmobile

02.24.17 - Chevrolet Lego Batmobile

The Detroit Auto Show is securely behind us by a few weeks now and the events and unveilings of this show gave us some new and interesting cars to look at. None garnered as much attention or brought to life as much imagination as the Lego Batmobile that Chevrolet rolled out and surprised the crowd with. This car showed up in Detroit as an impressive vehicle that is modeled after the Batman Speedwagon from “The Lego Batman Movie” and it certainly captured the attention of adults and kids that were present in Detroit for this amazing reveal.

If you’re a Lego character in Gotham City and you have ill will in your heart, this 17-foot long Lego Batmobile certainly would strike fear in you and make you shudder at the thought of continuing down the path that leads to a life of crime. The intimidation factor is amazing and the weaponry onboard shows off the fact that Lego Batman is not someone you want to tangle with. There’s no doubt the team at Chevrolet had a lot of fun putting this Batmobile together to make a vehicle that would impress those in attendance at the Detroit Auto Show.

Because this big beast is life-sized and can be driven Chevrolet has given us some information regarding what this car has to offer. The Batmobile is offered in twelve different shades of black and is able to be connected with the use of Apple CarPlay and an Android Auto while giving the benefit of the 4G LTE Wi-Fi that GM loves to put in vehicles. This will make it easier for Batman to know where he’s going and keep his hands on the wheel and eyes on the road ahead when chasing down the bad guys.

While the engine specs weren’t shared for the new Chevy Batmobile the thought is this car has to have a massively powerful block of metal that would be perfect for the Dark Knight. Something that would do the trick would be the supercharged V8 engine that’s found in the Corvette Z06 or one of the engines out of one of the Chevrolet racing machines that make the different circuits of high-powered racing that we love.

The actual car rolled out was built off the aluminum square tube platform and is made of more than 340,000 Legos. This caused the Batmobile to weigh in at 1,695.5 pounds and be the impressive build that you’ll love to see. Each of the tires weighs in at over 100 pounds and this vehicle took 222 hours to complete the design and 1,833 hours to actually build at the Lego Master Builder’s team location in Enfield, CT.

The Lego Batmobile is certainly one of the most amazing reveals we’ve seen in a long time and even though it won’t be a production model anytime soon, it’s certainly one that piqued the interest and imagination of everyone who took the time to check out this car at the Detroit Auto Show in early January.

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