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The Dodge Charger Gets Better

The Dodge Charger Gets Better

If you think of the Dodge Charger as a regular family sedan, you aren’t driving it the right way. This is the car you should turn to when you’re looking for a car that’s going to give you the performance you desire and the qualities you need. You can drop the kids off at school and then find an open stretch of road to test your driving skills and enjoy a huge smile on your face with the Dodge Charger. It seems the Charger is getting ready to be even better for the next model year.

Making Improvements to the Charger for 2020

The Dodge team has confirmed that a new Charger Widebody will be revealed for the 2020 model year in a couple of the top trims. If you choose the powerful SRT Hellcat model of this car you can enjoy the Widebody style and you’ll be able to have this style in the RT Scat Pack trims as well. This change allows the Charger to offer you the same trims and items as what the Challenger already offers to make sure you don’t have to compromise just because you want to have four doors on your car.

What Will the Widebody Chargers Offer?

When you choose one of the Widebody models of the Charger, you’re going to enjoy unique suspension tuning, the same Pirelli tires as the Challenger Widebody models, and a unique set of dual-five-spoke wheels that are eleven inches wide. This is the result of a conversation that’s been going on for at least the past two years by the Dodge teams and it will give us an amazing pair of impressive performance choices that we can choose when it’s time to have the sedan that’s built for speed and power.

The Power will Remain the Same

Adding the Widebody models to the mix for the Charger won’t change the power levels that we’ll see in this incredible sedan. The R/T Scat Pack model will continue to be powered by a 6.4-liter V8 engine that produces 485 horsepower for the drive and the Hellcat models will make use of the 6.2-liter supercharged V8 engine that’s able to produce 717 horsepower for your drive. As you can see, when you choose the Widebody models, you’re adding more of what you want to an already extremely powerful car that can be ideal for the drive on the road.

Check Out the Upgraded Looks of the Charger

The looks of the new Widebody models of the Dodge Charger will change to give you an upgraded appearance in the front and the rear. This will differentiate the model and offer the lines you’ll love to see. There’s going to be a new dual-snorkel hood grill and repositioned intakes to show you the appearance you’ll want to see. Are you ready to drive this new Charger? Just way a few months, this new version of the Charger is scheduled to be shown off this summer to let us see what it will have when it’s in production.

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