Discover Car Camping Bliss: Turn Your Vehicle Into Your Tent

Can you go car camping without any gear? Your vehicle can become your tent, which makes it easy to head out for an overnight or weekend adventure.

Car camping is used to describe how you will camp. This ranges from sleeping inside your vehicle to using a rooftop tent that hooks on your vehicle and offers a ladder for you to climb up. Some people prefer this type of camping over traditional tents. Before you make the upgrades of adding an air mattress or window screens, you need to find the right vehicle.

Here are a few great vehicle choices for car camping.

Honda CR-V

One of the most common SUVs in the market could be the right choice for your wilderness adventures. Most campgrounds are equipped with easy access that doesn’t require AWD or off-road equipment to reach the roadside campsite locations. The Honda CR-V could be a great choice with a large cargo area where you can sleep and enjoy the comfort of the vehicle. Get cozy with your partner by folding down the rear seat to create your tend space.

Honda Ridgeline

Trucks are great for camping because of their versatility. The Honda Ridgeline could be the perfect car camping vehicle for you. The roof weight capacity is only 110 pounds, which means you won’t use a roof tent with this truck, but you can curl up in the rear seat or in the bed to have the covered area you want to enjoy. This pickup is great for carrying all your gear and includes an under bed storage area that can be turned into your camping cooler.

Toyota Tacoma

One of the best pickups for camping is the Toyota Tacoma. This midsize truck is nimble, useful, and made for off-road fun. Put a bed cover on the rear and enjoy a great camping area where you can put a bed and get comfortable for the night. You’ll love the incredible versatility of this truck and the towing capacity that makes it easy to bring a trailer full of gear. Will you take this Toyota pickup truck to your favorite camping area and enjoy some amazing outdoor fun?

Nissan Pathfinder

The Nissan Pathfinder could be the perfect SUV for your outdoor adventures. This SUV is offered with a 4WD drivetrain and is capable of towing up to 6,000 pounds. You won’t spend time car camping on the roof but could easily lay down in the back of the Pathfinder when you put the rear seats down and install an air mattress. This SUV has plenty of room for all your gear, making it a wonderful vehicle to enjoy the outdoors and see what’s going on at your local campground.

Jeep Gladiator

The truck that’s based on the Wrangler could be the right choice when you want to go car camping. The Gladiator tows a heavy load and brings 4WD to the mix. This truck can reach places most of the other vehicles on the list can’t. You’ll be pleased to take this truck to your nearby campground to experience a quiet weekend away from home. Will the Gladiator become the truck you use to pull a trailer or fishing boat to your favorite outdoor location where you can catch your dinner and enjoy the peaceful quiet?

Subaru Crosstrek

The Crosstrek is made for off-road adventures. This Subaru subcompact SUV is one of the most capable models in its class, bringing impressive features and amazing qualities to the market. The Crosstrek only tows up to 1,500 pounds, but that’s more than enough to bring a small cargo trailer to your favorite camping spot. This SUV is ideal for some fun and adventures in the wilderness, where you can hike on your favorite trails or enjoy the sounds of nature that surround you.

Chevy Blazer

The Chevy Blazer might not look like a great vehicle for car camping, but it could be one of the most comfortable vehicles included in this list. The roof isn’t strong enough for a tent, but the rear is spacious, especially with the seats folded. You’ll be glad to take this SUV up the hill to the campground in the woods where you can go exploring. Know the Blazer is waiting for you to return and use it as your tent for the night.

Which of these trucks and SUVs will be the right choice for your car camping adventures? It’s time to get out there and explore the wilderness and have some fun.

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