10.25.16 - Sussex County, Delaware

Those of us old enough to remember when it didn’t matter which adult in the neighborhood disciplined us it counted have seen what neighborhoods have become. With most of us working more than fifty hours a week, the need for multiple incomes in the home, and a serious lack of free time on our hands the neighborhoods of old have all but gone away. Today you’d be lucky to know who your neighbors are, let alone have them care that your kids are doing something they shouldn’t be doing, which may be what brought about this story.

Imagine yourself a person who lost their legs in a construction accident and once healed you have to live in a wheelchair the rest of your life. Also imagine that you’ve built a great garage complete with a lift to be able to repair cars, because that’s what you love to do. Can you think of any reason your neighbors would put up a petition or take you to court to have you shut down your garage? I certainly can’t think of any reason for this type of action, but that’s exactly what’s been taking place.

Charles Williams is a resident of Sussex County in Delaware and he has an awesome garage full of tools and a lift to make it easier for him and his friends to work on cars. He has even filed all the proper paperwork for the property and the functioning of the garage and even once applied to be allowed to use the garage as a business. Thus far the courts have agreed with him, but for some reason his neighbors are willing to continue to fight against this garage being in the location it is and offering service to anyone.

The complaints have to do with being a nuisance to the neighborhood because of the additional traffic, the smell and the sounds coming from the garage. So far, the only action he’s had to take was to put in a couple speed bumps to pacify a neighbor that shares the driveway with the garage, but this entire argument and process has already cost him over $30,000 in legal fees. These legal fees are something he’s had to deal with on an $800 per month living expense he receives for being disabled, obviously that’s not enough to cover the costs.

While the neighborhood continues to fight this battle in court, they have also put up some threatening signs to challenge the validity of his continued existence in the neighborhood and on this planet. Thankfully the legal fees he’s already amassed are being covered by the over $40,000 in money that’s been raised during his GoFundMe campaign. Hopefully this will end and this man can get back to work performing the tune ups and maintenance of cars that he loves to do with his buddies. This has to be the most absurd action I’ve ever seen in a neighborhood and certainly points to the deterioration of our society as a whole. Here’s a video that goes into a bit more detail regarding the situation.

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