10.26.16 - Go Karts

The original versions of go karts were normally built by dads who wanted to spend some time with their kids building something cool in the garage. Even though moms wouldn’t allow a full size car to be built, what harm could a lawnmower engine and some sheets of plywood actually be? When the go kart came out of the garage for the first time it was to the delight of the dad and the kids who made and the certain chagrin of the mom who was hoping they would get bored and give up on the idea.

Since that time, go karts have come a long way. Today you can buy one at the store that looks like a miniature version of a Dune Buggy, giving you the perfect toy ride to enjoy. Even though these little cars feel powerful, for the most part they’re pretty harmless, at least until someone with the idea to tune one up or swap out the motor gets hold of one of these miniature cars. When that happens, all bets are off on the number of injuries that could be experienced during the ride in this small but mighty cart.

The Hacksmith is a full time YouTuber who was an engineer but now spends his time showing us how to create different items from others to make them better or more powerful. In this video you get to hear the Hacksmith tell you all about how he took an electric motor from Accelerated Systems, Inc. and put it on a store bought go kart frame to get the wild and crazy feeling he got while driving this beast. You can watch as he turns donuts and has an insane ride on his kart which is made for the rough ride he puts it through.

What’s amazing about this go kart isn’t the fact that it can be driven it offers the motor that’s actually all electric. This motor gives you 15 horsepower, which isn’t much at all for you to enjoy, but this does give it 54 lb.-ft. of torque in order to have a great deal of low end power for the kart to ride. As you watch the video you’ll notice that the kart doesn’t have hardly any weight to it at all, in fact the weight of the Hacksmith is probably more than the vehicle weights on its own.

The Hacksmith obviously had a lot of fun building this go kart and he has another frame ready to accept a brand new engine that is expected to bring even more power to the vehicle. This new build is expected to have an additional 50 lb.-ft. of torque to give the Hacksmith the added power that he wants to enjoy on the dirt and on the road. This new one will have a real roll bar on it to be able to handle the added power of the engine behind the vehicle giving him the power he wants to enjoy.

At least we get to learn from the Hacksmith when he does his build. This gives me the idea that it’s time to build a go kart of my own, even if it’s just for fun and excitement.

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