05.21.16 - 2007 Nissan Murano

The reality of life is many of us are on a tighter budget than we would like to be. When it comes to the challenges of having a family and needing a serviceable and reliable vehicle that can fit everyone while giving you the space you want it’s hard to imagine being able to buy an SUV for less than $10,000, but it can be done. You do need to do your homework and you probably won’t have any factory warranty left, but there are plenty of great SUVs on the market today in the used car lots of the world for this price or less.

2007 Hyundai Santa Fe – This is an SUV that has been around for a while and knows how to handle the on road and off road duties you can give it. While it does come with an AWD system don’t take this SUV to anything more than light trails, but you will be able to enjoy the fun and drive of this excellent SUV as long as you know what to look for and what to expect from one of the most popular SUVs on the market that many families before you have trusted.

2007 Chevrolet Trailblazer – If you want a truck based SUV this is one you can’t go wrong with. The Trailblazer is larger than most midsized SUVs of today and is one that offered reasonable fuel mileage for its size. This brute of a vehicle is one that can easily log in over 200,000 miles without blinking an eye because this SUV is one of the most rugged every built. This is a vehicle that can fit the whole family and carry plenty of cargo to give you the versatility you want to enjoy on every road and in every situation.

2008 Dodge Durango – You can have a strong V8 under the hood of the Durango and enjoy the power of 335 horses galloping for you to have a great drive. This is another body on frame style SUV that offers the rugged features you want and an interior that is of a higher class than most other SUVs on the market at the time. When you need to have a vehicle that has the space and the muscle to get the job done the Durango makes a great choice as it’s even capable of towing a trailer when called upon to do so.

2007 Nissan Murano – When you want an SUV that stands out among the crowd this is the one to choose. There hasn’t been another SUV that looked like the Murano and its one that has a wonderful interior for you to enjoy as well. This SUV made use of a CVT that was considered to be one of the best at the time and is one that offers a great ride for you to take full advantage of the Murano. Let this be the SUV for you and enjoy the individuality you will feel when driving this amazing vehicle.

2008 Ford Explorer – This is an SUV that has been popular ever since it started to be built. It has the size and shape we are used to and is one of the most enjoyable drives on the market. With relatively few complaints due to this being a vehicle that has been built to last the Explorer offers you the cargo space you need and passenger room for the entire family. More often this SUV is the one chose for the work when a truck is not the right answer and it always seems to be up to every task asked of it.

2006 Honda Pilot – You might think ten years is too far to go back, but the Pilot actually holds up well and there are many on the road today that are still going strong with over 200,000 miles on them. This is an SUV that has the shape you want to be able to haul some cargo with you, but isn’t too large to be a cumbersome drive. You will enjoy the great menu of features the Pilot can offer you when you choose this SUV as the one you want for your family’s needs.

2008 Subaru Forester – The Forester is one of the most enjoyable SUVs to every be built. Using the standard AWD that Subaru is known for and giving you the size you need for a family of five to ride comfortably this is an SUV that needs no explanation. You can haul your toys along with you when you head out for a weekend of camping by the lake or just want to take a night of star gazing in the country with your spouse; the Forester makes the perfect alternative to a minivan or a wagon.

2006 Honda CR-V – Another ten year old Honda shouldn’t be a surprise on this list as the CR-V has been and continues to be the best-selling SUV on the market today. This one is larger than the ones you see on sale in the new car lots today, which makes for a great vehicle for you to buy that will give you good fuel mileage and more space than you might expect. With room for five and a reputation for dependability the CR-V is an SUV you can enjoy driving for another ten years and know you only had to pay a small price to enjoy it.

2006 Toyota Highlander – From the other name in reliability the Highlander has been the SUV we have admired and wanted to drive for years but never thought we could afford. Well, now you can, even at the low price that we set as our threshold this is an SUV that will commonly have over 150,000 miles on the odometer and feel like it’s just getting started. Let this be the choice you make and you will know you have made a great choice in a vehicle that has built its reputation on being reliable and the right choice for many families.

2007 Toyota RAV4 – This is an SUV that was built to be the best and it continues to do so even as the miles roll on. You can simply enjoy the regular maintenance of this SUV and know it will continue to deliver amazing performance and exceptional driving ability for you. As the midsized SUV that you want to drive the RAV4 has been an active player on and off the road for years to give you a vehicle that you can take to the trails and know you will come back with a vehicle that can handle the road duties as well.

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