Buick Encore

Buick Encore

Carmakers like Buick are giving drivers some pretty amazing tools to use, and allowing us to become better, smarter drivers, all around.
We now live in a world where we use our smartphones and apps for nearly every aspect of our lives. We rely on these devices and the apps that are created to help us monitor our sleep, grow our wealth, tell us where the best places to eat are, and make sure we’re continuing to engage in good, healthy habits that will allow us to make the most of our lives. With this in mind, we also have the benefit of driving apps that will assist us in monitoring our habits on the road.

Buick has created the Buick Smart Driver service as part of the myBuick app to make it easier for you to become a better driver than you’ve been in the past. While some brands are launching monitoring programs that are expected to help younger drivers improve their habits, Buick chose to target the entire audience. Let’s face it, we can all use a bit of additional coaching and make use of an app that helps us become better at driving on the roads that we travel on a daily basis. With this new service, you can become a better driver and enjoy your Buick even longer.

What Does the Buick Smart Driver System do for You

Some of the habits we have that lead to unsafe and inefficient driving are things we might not realize we’re doing when on the road. The Buick Smart Driver system will help make sure you coach yourself out of these habits and into much better habits when you drive. Here are the following items this new system will monitor:

  • Total number of hard braking events
  • Total number of hard acceleration events
  • High-speed driving percentage
  • Late-night driving percentage
  • Total miles driven
  • Average mpg and mph
  • Tips on how to become a smarter driver
  • Overall Smart Driver score

These items can help you become a better driver and you’ll have reports sent to you daily, weekly, or monthly based on your setting in the mobile myBuick app. Since this web-based serviced was launched in May 2016, more than 211,000 Buick owners have enrolled in the service which totals an average of 700,000 trips daily making this service an important one in improving the overall safety and driving intelligence of Buick owners on the road where we can see results of the driving improvements on the road with the goal of better report results.
In addition to the Buick Smart Driver feature offered with this app, customers can enroll in the Insurance Discount Eligibility portion of the service to see if their driving behaviors will qualify them for various discounts that are offered through several insurance companies. Nearly 100,000 Buick owners have taken advantage of this program to learn whether their driving habits will benefit them financially with a reduction in the amount they have to pay for insurance on an annual basis. It’s available on models across the board, from the Encore and Regal, to the Yukon and Sierra. With this app and the services offered, Buick is helping drivers improve their habits on the road.


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