Changes in the Works for Cadillac

Changes in the Works for Cadillac


The Cadillac name has been on a repeating cycle of ups and downs depending on the model you want to drive and where you’re looking.

There have been some sedans that have had to be scrapped, while the SUV lineup seems strong and ready to grow and improve. The CT6 sedan wasn’t supposed to be the flagship model, but it happens to be the one that fills this position in the lineup and does so extremely well until the brand turns back to the large sedans that we associate with the history of the Cadillac brand.

While it may feel like this brand is in upheaval, there is a concrete plan in place to bring us more of what we’ve been asking for and rid the name of those models that we don’t seem as excited about. We know the new XT4 will be offered in the future to give us another crossover SUV to be a sibling to the XT5 that we already love to drive. Recent news has shown us that some changes will take place in the car side of the brand to trim it to the models we’ve been purchasing.

Some of the Changes Expected

In addition to the new XT4 that will arrive in the next couple of years, there is also a refreshed XTS that just arrived to bring this model in line with modern technology. The recent filings with the NHTSA show that the 2019 model year will bring us something new with the ATS and the CT6. These two are expected to change with the ATS turning to a coupe only build with sedans gone from the market and the CT6 transitioning away from the entry-level powertrain to only be powered with the engines above the 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine that’s been offered in the past.

These changes to the car side of Cadillac shouldn’t come as any surprise at all because the ATS, CTS, and XTS are all due to disappear after the 2019 model year, but it wouldn’t be a huge surprise to keep at least one small coupe to be a sports luxury model that will give us the excitement we want to have on the road and at the track. What does this mean for the Cadillac sedan lineup that we’ve admired and enjoyed for a long time?

The plan for Cadillac is to rebalance the sedan portfolio to start with a CT5 sedan that will slate below the current flagship model and replace some of the models we currently see on the market. This new sedan plan will match up the naming process with the SUV market we already see in place. The CT6 is expected to become an even more upscale model and losing the entry-level engine is one way this can happen so that we can see a car that has more of the luxury we expected to see when we drive a Cadillac model on the road.

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