Bronco - A Special Blast from the Past

When it comes to reliving the glory days while anticipating what’s yet to come, we seem to do it better in America than anywhere else. We love our used Ford Broncos and we eagerly await the new model. As different brands have revived old nameplates in the past several years, we’ve seen them upgrade and customize specialized models that harken back to a day when the name was new. This celebration of the original while awaiting the resurrection of a model has now made its way to the Ford Bronco. As we wait for the new model to show up in a couple of years, there is one special version that gives us a look back.

As the place where customized vehicles go to be judged and stared at, the Fort team partnered up with the lubricants company WD-40 to create a special Bronco. This was done in conjunction with the SEMA non-provide, SEMA Cares and the finished product will be auctioned offer at the WD-40 booth with the proceeds going to Childhelp which is an organization that provides services to abused and neglected children and to the SEMA Memorial Scholarship Fund. This customized Bronco isn’t just any model, it’s one that came from the 1966 model year and certainly captures your attention.

The Bronco is a Classic and Rugged Beauty

The team that took on the project of building this impressive and old Bronco was the customization ship Vaccar. This amazing SUV shows off with a blue paint job that has yellow trimming in various places to resemble the colors you’d find from a can of WD-40. The colors aren’t where the truck stops as it rides on a raised suspension and large wheels that have knobby tires which are perfect for getting out on the trials and having a lot of fun off-road. This setup shows off a special vehicle that can roll over everything in its path and allows us to think back to the Bronco models of old.

Under the hood of the WD-40 model, Bronco resides an EcoBoost engine from the extensive lineup that Ford offers, but we weren’t told which engine it is yet. If we had our druthers, it would be the amazing 3.5-liter V6 that pumps out a snarling 450 horsepower, which is the one we currently see in the Ford Raptor models that make their way on the roads and trails around the country. This immense and amazing new customization of this SUV will absolutely blow your mind when you see it and hear it roar.

Not only is this amazing customized 1966 Ford Bronco a nod to the folks at WD-40 and able to help raise money for an excellent cause, but it stirs the feelings of desire we have for the Bronco and what it will be going forward. This is a version of the SUV that we can all admire and enjoy when we see it at the WD-40booth thanks to the team at Vaccar. After seeing this amazing SUV, we can’t wait to take a look at what the new Bronco will be when it finally arrives in 2020.

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