07.16.16 - Ford GT ’66 Heritage Edition

The new Ford GT is something many of the younger generations have never seen. This is a supercar from Ford that offers what makes the exotics from Europe great. The smooth lines, the attention to the need for increased downforce, the power that pumps out of a V6 and the handling are all in place to make this a car that should win a lot of races and will certainly be gobbled up by those who can afford to own such a car. What most of the younger crowds aren’t aware of is the fact that the Ford GT has been around before and was a dominating car.

In the mid-1960s Ford built the GT40 and made it so that this car could compete at Le Mans. This was a car that did more than just put on a competitive show and come out with a respectable placing. The GT40 Mark II was the car that swept Le Mans in 1966. With three cars in the race this car took and unheard of 1-2-3 sweep of the top three spots to solidify a place in history for this car, making it the first time an American car had ever accomplished this feat of victory in this race.

In an effort to celebrate this great win by Bruce McLaren and Chris Amon at Le Mans; Ford is making a limited edition heritage themed model in the 2017 version to celebrate this amazing victory. This Ford GT ’66 Heritage Edition will offer us a special look on the outside and on the inside of the car. This will involve special color themes and unique wheel finishes making the car look unique and offers some of the throwback style of the car that won the race fifty years ago.

On the outside you could choose a shadow back finish in either gloss or matte that will also carry the iconic silver stripes of the Ford GT along with the carbon fiber aero kit. The number two will be painted on the hood and door in frozen white, which was the number of the car driven to victory many years ago. The special wheels use are 20-inch forged aluminum wheels that are finished in gold satin clear coat and are attached to the car with black lug nuts to give this car a dynamic look at the wheel area.

When you step into the Heritage Edition of the car you will see even more distinct styling. The cabin offers carbon fiber seats that have pillowed inserts and plow through stitching that is all encased in black leather. In the headrests the GT logos are present as well as on the steering wheel which has also been wrapped in leather. To offset this dark look there are gold touches across the instrument panel and on the shift paddles to give a gorgeous appearance. The seat belts do offer a bit of a contrast with webbing that is colored in Ford blue to give you a full look and feel.

All of the Heritage Edition models will come with a serialized identification plate to mark this occasion and as of yet Ford has not stated how many of these models it will produce. If this is a car you want to own, you may need to snatch it up quickly so you have a car that gives you a nod to the glorious history and proud event of the Ford GT.

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