BMW X4 - This BMW as Sport and Utility for You

The BMW X4 does lean toward the sporty side, but it’s also riding high and has a generous amount of cargo room for you to fill it with gear.

Even though we see a large number of SUVs on the market, many of these models seem to only lean toward one side of what an SUV is supposed to be.  The X4 isn’t quite a sports sedan but it’s also not quite an SUV. What you will find is a vehicle that has a sloping roofline and the BMW driving dynamics you’re looking for.

Take People and Cargo in the X4

The style of the BMW X4 is one that gives you the look that resembles a coupe with four doors. You’ll be glad to see the sleek design and high ride position of this vehicle when you’re ready to head out for the day. The dramatic angles of the roof and the performance you can enjoy in the M40i make this a vehicle that can head to the track and leave several other people in the dust to show off how impressive this vehicle can be.

The Right New BMW X4 Platform

The MW X4 sits on top of an all-new platform that makes this vehicle lighter, lower, and longer than it was in the past. You’ll be glad to see the upgraded interior that’s more comfortable for you. The added room makes this cabin more spacious and gives your passengers more room for the gear that needs to be used when you reach your destination. The lighter weight and lower stance make the X4 more nimble and more responsive, which can be exciting for you when you see the empty road ahead of you.

Choose the Drive and Have More BMW X4 Power

Both models of the BMW X4 come standard with a switch that allows you to choose the driving qualities you want. Choose from Eco, Pro, Comfort, Sport, and Sport+ settings to choose the steering, transmission, and throttle settings. Let the M40i be the right X4 for you and you’ll have the benefits of a track-ready handling and suspension layout that makes this a vehicle that can be right on the track. You’ll be pleased with the X4 and everything it gives you whether you’re running errands or trying to turn a fast lap.

Check Out this BMW Today

The right vehicle for you to drive when you’re looking for something that’s not quite what others are is the BMW X4. This vehicle brings you the driving dynamics you’re going to admire and be ready to experience on the road. Let the team at your nearby BMW dealership help you have the right model for the drive you want to have when you stop by. The BMW X4 is a great choice and the one you’ll want to takeout for a test drive to see if it can fit in your life the right way.

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