Buick Encore

Buick Encore

Buick has been experiencing a solid resurgence as of late, with no signs of slowing down anytime soon. With popular models loaded with luxury at a value, there’s a lot to like about the new Buick.
Overall, automotive sales have grown over the past few years and some brands have been poised and ready for the growth offered in the industry that allowed us to see an increase in sales. Buick is certainly one of the brands that took full advantage of being positioned properly to have a result of more than 1.4 million vehicles sold globally because of the new and upgraded lineup that Buick has to offer for our driving pleasure. This brand has taken advantage of being in the right place at the right time to have the sales that have resulted.

Buick is one brand that has launched a long list of new models around the world to ensure the interest and sales growth would be the final result for the past two years. This brand also shows signs of having a third record-setting year this year to give us the drive we want and more sales for the models that are in the right place of the market. The Buick brand is the premium brand we trust to give us more of the features we want and with their new global lineup you’ll see a variety of models that may appeal to your driving needs.

What has Helped the Buick Brand have Success

New vehicles that have launched in 2017 include the Envision, Enclave Avenir, Regal Sportback, Regal TourX, Regal GS, GL6, Velite 5, Excelle GX, and LaCrosse Avenir. The North American market saw an increase from 2016 to 2017 of 15.1 percent and an overall US retail growth of 1.6 percent. The brand also had its best year in Chin with a continued steady growth of 8.4 percent annually for the past five years to become the largest market for the brand in the world. Their more established models, like the standard Regal and Enclave, as well as the Encore compact SUV, have also performed well on a consistent basis, continuing to fill the many needs of today’s drivers.
Not long ago, the Buick brand seemed to be bland and boring, but something changed. That change allows us to see an exciting and impressive lineup of Buick models that make it possible to have more features and more qualities than in the past. The new trio of Regal models are a testament to our desire to have adventure in a car that can fit the need of being a daily driver and a model that can head out to a remote location with plenty of gear for the fun in the outdoor spaces we want to take part in.
Adding the Avenir sub-brand to the mix allows the Buick brand to show an expression of luxury that we’ve not seen with this brand in the past. Additionally, the lineup of SUVs give us the premium look and feel that we want to enjoy on the roads we drive. There’s no doubt that Buick is making the right changes and upgrades to continue to be a sales success and have more sales year over year. If you’re looking for a vehicle that offers you the premium feeling you’re looking for, check out what your nearby Buick dealership has to offer for your driving pleasure.


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