11.21.16 - Hyundai Creta STC

The reemergence of the Chevrolet Colorado and the GMC Canyon have created massive upheaval in the industry. These two came charging back from the grave and have shown us the midsized truck segment was serious lacking any excitement or energy. About as close as you could come to a midsized truck that was performing well before these two came back was the Toyota Tacoma, but even that was stagnant. Now that we see movement among many automakers, with a new Tacoma coming, the Nissan Frontier getting better and the newly released Honda Ridgeline, the question is whether or not there will be more midsized trucks.

Hyundai showed us the Santa Cruze at the Detroit Auto Show in 2015, but not much had been heard from that model until August of this year when the brand announced they plan to have this new midsized pickup on the road by 2018. Now it seems Hyundai is heading in another direction and taking an already competent SUV and making a pickup truck out of it. This truck concept was shown off at the recent Sao Paulo Auto Show and will be based up on the Creta which is a compact SUV.

This means we might see a compact pickup truck on the market in the near future, which could be an entirely new segment. The S-10 from Chevrolet and Ranger from Ford, along with models from Isuzu and others used to be part of this class, but there was the glaring oversight of no midsized segment at the time. Now that our midsized pickup truck segment is so strong we can see how making a truck smaller than these brutes could be the right choice for someone who needs a smaller truck to drive but wants the capability as well.

The concept of the Creta STC (Sport Truck Concept) showed us a build that is fifteen inches longer than the SUV, three inches wider and has a wheelbase that’s eight inches longer. The bed would give us about thirty cubic feet of space and on the concept it was close to fifty inches long, fifty inches wide and twenty inches tall. At the front, this truck was certainly a Creta, but in the back you can see how this could be a pickup truck that offers you the benefits you need of a truck that can perform well for you.

Unfortunately there wasn’t any information regarding the powertrains that might make up the Creta STC and hopefully this would have a new name before it’s unleashed on the world, but Hyundai might be on the right track with this new truck idea. This new concept looked more like a production model than the Santa Cruze did nearly two years ago, but there hasn’t been any definitive information regarding whether or not this model will be built and put on any market. Of course, for our market, we want to know if it will be part of the US lineup from Hyundai in the future.

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