2015 Chevy Silverado

Chevrolet has undergone so many changes over the years it’s hard to keep track of what has taken place. When the economic crisis hit in 2008 Chevrolet seemed to be offering products that were basically gas-guzzling models and with the huge price increase for gas the lineup was going to have issues continuing to sell. With the government intervention and the dissolving of some brands, GM gained a great position and the focus needed to turn Chevrolet into the brand we see today which offers some of the best cars and trucks we have ever seen. A few examples of these are:

Chevrolet Corvette

This iconic classic has been around for a long time, but for a long time it has felt like a cheap letdown when you step inside it. This was a problem for the Corvette which was supposed to compete with the supercars of the European automakers that not only had the power, which has always been present on the Corvette, but also had luxury interiors. The newest version, the C7 Corvette offers an actual luxury feel with a ton of great features inside the car that make it one of the best cars to drive on any market.

Chevrolet Silverado 1500

The Silverado has always been a great truck and Chevrolet had to ensure it did not mess this awesome workhorse up when it went into the next generation. By focusing their attention on the interior and not the outside or the power plant of the truck they have created a modern truck that offers an awesome menu of interior features that are easy to use inside the truck and give it the most modern and upgraded interior in any truck lineup. The inclusion of such features as the MyLink touchscreen and the smartphone integration have really increased the enjoyment of this awesome hauler.

Chevrolet Impala

The previous version of the Impala was a rental car company dream, but did not make for a great large sedan for a family to own. With this latest model and generation, the Impala is now one of the best large sedans on the market and becomes the most improved player in the Chevrolet lineup. As a modern and updated car the Impala gives you a fantastic array of awesome features to enjoy and an excellent fuel efficiency to ensure this can be a great daily driver for you and your family.

Just a few years after it looked like GM and Chevrolet would possibly become extinct the bowtie name is stronger than ever on the American and International scenes. With a lineup full of awesome vehicles, including the three highlighted here, Chevrolet offers one of the best menus of vehicles with advanced features that are not yet in place in cars of other automakers. No doubt the reduction of brands across the board for GM has helped them focus heavily on Chevrolet and gives them the drive they need to ensure the vehicles offered have features and equipment many of the competitors leave out.

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