Which Honda SUV is Right For You

Different vehicles are made for different driving needs. There’s likely a Honda SUV that’s right for you and the way you want to drive. This brand offers you four options when looking for an SUV: Honda HR-V, Honda CR-V, Honda Passport, and Honda Pilot. Each of these four has a different purpose, varying sizes, and is made for certain driving experiences. Which one of these Honda SUV models will you choose so that you can have the experience you’re looking for when you get behind the wheel? Visit your nearby dealer and see these models for yourself.

What is the Honda HR-V?

The smallest SUV in the Honda lineup is the HR-V. This vehicle is a practical subcompact crossover that offers one of the roomiest interior areas in the class. You’ll be pleased with the efficiency, the reliability scores, and the resale value. You’ll be pleased with the affordable price, the safety offered by the Honda Sensing package, and the added roominess that comes from the Magic Seat feature. You can enjoy the HR-V in either FWD or AWD models and know that you’re going to have the drive you’re looking for and the quality feeling of this Honda.

Who Should Drive this Honda SUV?

The ideal person to drive the HR-V is someone that doesn’t need a lot of cargo room but does admire the flexibility offered in this small SUV. If you need to drive around in the city during your commute, you’ll be glad to have a small size and easy ride found in this Honda. Thankfully, you can also be a bit adventurous with the HR-V, especially if you decide to drive one that includes AWD. Head out to some light trails for some fun with the rear seats down and the gear you need along with you inside this SUV.

What is the Honda CR-V?

One of the most popular compact crossover SUVs in the market today is the Honda CR-V. This is one of the original models in its class, and it continues to be one of the best. The CR-V is efficient, easy to drive, and versatile. The roominess is impressive, the easy drive makes it a good choice when commuting, and the price is affordable. All you have to do is step up above the base model, and you’ll have standard Apple CarPlay and Android Auto for your connectivity in the popular and useful CR-V.

Who Should Drive This Honda SUV?

This question is harder to answer than most because the CR-V fits many lifestyles. You can have this SUV with AWD and enjoy a bit of adventure, but you often see this SUV as the one that’s taking kids to activities, driving to the grocery store, and being used for the daily commute. With seating for five and tons of cargo room, this could be the Honda you choose to head out for some weekend fun at your favorite location. Unless you’re looking for a vehicle to race, the CR-V likely fits your lifestyle pretty well.

What is the Honda Passport?

The Honda SUV that has been designed for adventures and off-road fun is the Honda Passport. This impressive SUV uses a wheelbase that makes it right for some of the toughest drives in unpaved territories. You’ll see rugged off-road looks, impressive trailer features, and the new TrailSport model of this SUV when you’re looking for a vehicle made for fun. Even though the Passport is made for your fun in the wilderness, it still has the safety you need on the road with the Honda Sensing suite of safety features.

Who Should Drive This Honda SUV?

The right audience for this SUV includes people who love to get out of the house to go and find adventures and fun in the outdoors. The Honda Passport is made to handle the drive to the remote beach with your surfboard, to take you back in the woods to find your favorite camping spot, and for heading across the field to the barn dance with your friends. You’ll find plenty of power, seating for five, and a large cargo area to give you the versatility, capability, and drive you want in the Honda Passport.

What is the Honda Pilot?

Choosing the Honda Pilot brings you to a midsize three-row crossover SUV that can make driving easy for anyone. This SUV is strong, safe, reliable, spacious, and well-equipped. There are eight seats that can handle carrying a large family to where you want to go. This SUV brings heated and power-adjustable seats, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and a tri-zone climate control system. While made for family driving around town, the Pilot can be had with an AWD system to handle some tough weather or off-road fun, making it one of the most capable SUVs in its class.

Who Should Drive the Honda Pilot?

When you need more seats than a car can give you, but you don’t want a minivan, the Honda Pilot is perfect for you. You’ll find ample room for your family to take a drive in this SUV. The choice to buy a Pilot is a commitment to excellence and affordability at the same time. There are several trims to choose from, giving you a variety of equipment packages that could make your drive more comfortable, even reaching near-luxury levels. Your family will be pleased to ride along with you in this SUV.

Which Honda SUV Should You Drive?

Do you want a small SUV to tool around in the city? If so, the Honda HR-V might be the ideal SUV for you to drive. Are you looking for one of the most popular and reliable compact SUVs in the class? Look at the Honda CR-V and see what it brings for you. Is it time for you to have an SUV that’s truly capable of handling off-road adventures? The Honda Passport is right for you. Do you need three rows of seats and want an excellent vehicle to drive? Check out the Honda Pilot and let it be the one you take home today.


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