What Cars Are Still Made In the US?

The American auto market has taken on a paradigm shift. That said, there are still some cars made in the US that could be ideal for you to drive.

The shift in the American auto market has everything to do with domestic brands moving away from sedans and passenger cars, but foreign brands are building some of their cars here. More vehicles than ever are built at assembly plants near the markets where these vehicles are sold. If we identify cars as being sedans, coupes, sports cars, and hatchbacks, we see fewer of these being made, but here are ten that are still made here.

The Honda Insight is Made in Greensburg, Indiana

The latest version of the hybrid Honda Insight is made in the heartland. This car isn’t long for the market, but it’s a hybrid that provides impressive fuel mileage ratings as high as 55 city/49 hwy to give you an impressive level of fuel savings. The base LX model of this car comes loaded with an array of advanced driver assist features and safety items, giving you the comfort you desire.

Georgetown, Kentucky is home to the Lexus ES Sedan

We don’t often think of Lexus models being cars that are made in the US, but we should. Toyota has had a presence here for many years. The Lexus ES is a comfortable four-door sedan with impressive upscale luxury features that make it one of the smoothest and most useful sedans you can drive. Some of the standard features you’ll find include adaptive cruise control, automatic high-beam headlights, lane-keeping assist, automatic emergency braking, and pedestrian detection. This impressive luxury sedan is made right here and offers the classic Lexus qualities you desire at luxury driving levels.

The Subaru Legacy is Built in Lafayette, Indiana

There are four Subaru models made at this plant, and the Legacy is one of them. This plant opened in 1986 as a joint venture between Subaru and Isuzu. This location has been home to the first Honda Passport and the Toyota Camry. The Legacy is an impressive four-door sedan that comes with standard Symmetrical AWD and plenty of power. The base models have a 7-inch touchscreen that supports Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. Upper trims give you an 11.6-inch touchscreen. You’ll also see a full package of safety features in the Eyesight package.

The Chevrolet Camaro Went Home to be Made in Lansing, Michigan

The factory that now makes this popular muscle car was home to the Oldsmobile division. GM found a way to keep this factory in use and makes the Camaro at this facility near Detroit. This amazing muscle car is fast during a straight-line ride, and it can be extremely capable when you find a curve on the road or track. This car comes with tons of incredible choices, making it easy for you to have one of the most fun American cars that’s still made in the US.

The Georgetown, Kentucky Plant also Makes the Toyota Camry

No, the most popular sedan in the American auto market is not imported from Japan. Those types of imports slowly faded away in the 1980s. Today, the Toyota Camry is made in Kentucky and continues to give us one of the most impressive family-sized sedans in the market. You can enjoy this car with either a peppy 4-cylinder engine or a muscular V6, which reaches more than 300 horsepower.

The Honda Civic Sedan is Made in Greensburg, Indiana

It’s only fitting that the Civic is made at the same facility as the Insight. These two Honda cars share a platform, and both are still made in the US. The Civic has always been one of the sportiest cars in this class, giving us an impressive vehicle that has a lot to offer. If you’re looking for the hatchback version of this car, it’s made in Canada, but the sedans are made at the facility in Indiana. Is this the fun and active car you’ll want to drive?

Montgomery, Alabama Claims the Hyundai Sonata Hybrid

The hybrid version of this midsize sedan is made at the facility in Alabama, making it another car that’s made here in America. This Korean brand has a strong presence in the United States, giving us a car that can reach 50 city/54 hwy mpg in the Blue trim. The Limited model features solar cells on the roof, and you’ll find an impressive package of features in the Sonata. This is a modern and futuristic sedan you can admire during any drive.

As Expected, the Ford Mustang Calls Flat Rock, Michigan Home

You expect the Ford Mustang to be built somewhere near Detroit. The Motor City got its name by being the home of the American Auto Industry, and the Ford Mustang is one of the cars that’s still made in the US. This amazing car offers various engines and power settings to give you the excitement and fun desired from this iconic muscle car.

Tesla builds the Model 3 in Fremont, California

Tesla is an electric car company that started near Silicon Valley, and it’s where the Model 3 is built. This plant once housed the Pontiac Vibe, Toyota Tacoma, and Toyota Corolla. The Model 3 is one of the most popular electric cars in the world, with an impressive build and an electric powertrain to rocket this car to an impressive speed. The Dual Motor AWD version is quick enough to hit 60 mph in only 3.1 seconds.

The Honda Accord Hybrid is Still Made in Marysville, Ohio

One of the most famous auto plants built by a foreign company is the Honda Assembly Plant in Marysville, Ohio. This plant began building cars in 1982, and it’s still the location where we see the Accord Hybrid made. Of course, the regular Accord is built here as well, but the hybrid model delivers 44 city/41 hwy mpg, making it the more efficient model. The Accord cars that are still made in the US are impressive and come out of this facility in the middle of the country.

Can you think of a few more cars that are still made in the US? These ten are just the beginning of a list that could surprise you.

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