Web Designing Basics for Dealers

Web Designing Basics for Dealers

More Than a Pretty Site

Building and designing a website for your dealership will require time, patience and attention to detail. Your site needs to be functional, extremely user-friendly and accessible to everyone. You may not even think something as simple as colors and fonts plays a big role in a website, but they do. We’ll dive into the importance of each element, so your website can bring in new customers and give them a fantastic web experience.


Accessibility is mandatory for your website, not only is it required by law to be accessible by differently-abled individuals, but it’s just equally as important to give everyone a great experience on your website. With screen readers and other technologies, hard of hearing and hard of seeing individuals are able to browse the internet, and your site needs to be compatible with these technologies. You can abide by accessibility rules by including alt descriptions for pictures and using the correct HTML font tags, recognized by screen readers. Another accessibility feature to consider is colors. You want color-blind customers to be able to navigate your site, so it’s important you choose contrasting colors and not colors too similar that they blend together or are hard to read.

Usability & Users

Now, when it comes to usability, the thing to keep in mind is simplicity. You don’t want your customers to have to work hard to figure out how to navigate your site. If they want to search for their dream car, make it easy for them. If they need to set up a service appointment, make it easy for them. You can ask family members and friends to test your site and see how long it takes them to do simple things like search, check trade-in values, etc. If they’re taking longer to do these simple tasks and getting frustrated, then you already know what areas you need to focus on improving. Also, make it easy for your customers to find what you want them to find. Make your call to actions stand out either by using larger or bolder font or a contrasting color. Their eyes will be drawn to those elements and they’ll be more inclined to click on where you’re directing them.

Users are your customers, new and loyal. We know they want simple, easy to navigate sites, but they also need easy to read and understand sites. This is why picking the right fonts and colors can make or break your website. You know that colors need to be contrasting enough for colorblind customers, but it’s also good design practice to choose colors that look good together. And if you’re concerned abouta white background page or too much white space, don’t be–whitespace is a good design element. It gives the eyes a break from all the colors and graphics on the page.


Your website is your chance to showcase your dealer’s brand. While you want to keep colors to a minimum, it’s still important to incorporate elements that make your dealer unique like your logo. Your website is likely your customers’ first interaction with your dealer, so make sure you’re leaving an impression. You want customers to leave your site feeling confident that they’ve found the information they needed and will remember you when it’s time to make a new purchase.

Basics Are Important

We’ve covered the web designing basics you need to make sure your dealer’s site is the best for your customers. It’s important to keep these elements in mind when you’re designing your site regardless if you’re doing it in-house or hiring another company to design it for you. Keep your customers in mind throughout the design process, and you’ll be good to go.

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