Was It Really Necessary to Make the Ferrari Purosangue More Aggressive?

The new 2023 Ferrari Purosangue is the first SUV from this brand, but this vehicle is hardly the family hauler that could replace your Suburban.

The Purosangue is mostly a sports car and only partially an SUV. It brings incredible Ferrari style and performance with an amazing engine and lots of power. In keeping with the Ferrari brand personality, this SUV looks like it only has two doors, even though it has four and quite a bit of passenger space. Recently a German tuning company took this sport-oriented SUV and gave it an even more aggressive build.

The Changes Made Will be What Many Want

The German tuning company, DMC, modified a new Purosangue with custom body parts made out of carbon fiber. This upgraded version has modified body parts that come with better quality carbon fiber than what we find on the stock version of this Ferrari SUV. The team pushed the wheels outward and covered them with fender extensions that cover the new position. This new version sits on 24-inch wheels, which are massive and super-aggressive. DMC also added matching side skirts, dual spoilers, a carbon fiber rear diffuser, and quad exhaust ports.

So far, we’re told the restyled version of the Ferrari Purosangue uses the same 6.5-liter V12 engine that pumps out 715 horsepower to deliver amazing power to the wheels. The new titanium exhaust ports claim to offer distinct sounds compared to the standard models.

To make things more futuristic and interesting, DMC claims to have used 3D-scanned body parts to make each of the new items perfectly so they can fit the way they should on this upgraded version. We don’t know if DMC did anything to the interior, but it’s likely they added their logo inside this high-performance, ultra-sports SUV somewhere in the mix.

What is this new Ferrari SUV?

We might have put the cart before the horse, but the story of the new Ferrari SUV does include the desire of a tuning company to make it even more aggressive than what Ferrari offers. The Purosangue is something we never thought we might see, but it’s here. The success of SUVs from the competition made it necessary for the Ferrari team to create something to compete. This might be why the Purosangue became a reality, but this new exotic crossover certainly brings a personality that could be something special.

Could This Be the Start of Something?

Will the new Ferrari Purosangue transition from a single model into a lineup of SUVs with a few different names and builds for us to admire? That is entirely possible. This new SUV could be an instant hit and bring a new stream of revenue to the Ferrari brand, or it could be priced out of range for some shoppers. The success of the Bentley Bentayga and Rolls-Royce Cullinan should be enough to show us that the Ferrari SUV could be extremely popular.

What Should this New SUV Include?

What do you normally find in a Ferrari? The new Purosangue will include a long list of luxury and performance features that make this SUV extremely comfortable, sporty, and fun. There might be some items that most Ferrari sports cars don’t have that will be offered in this new SUV. You could find massaging front sears that make this SUV more comfortable to ride in during your time on the road. There’s also an electrochromic glass roof that makes it easy to welcome the sunshine into the cabin area of this impressive new Ferrari SUV.

Is There Room for Four in the Purosangue?

From the outside, the Ferrari Purosangue looks like a two-door, high-riding sports car. Once you open the front doors, you see the handles for the rear-hinged rear doors that open to offer a wide space to access the entire rear seat area. This ultra-luxurious SUV has room for four passengers inside, which makes it useful when you’re ready to go out on the town with your closest friends. Imagine driving this high-powered SUV to the next black tie event where others show up in executive class sedans and SUVs, but you’ll turn heads in this glorious sporty SUV.

There’s Nothing Special About the Connectivity

Ferrari understands that most of us use our smartphones for the navigation, audio selection, and connectivity desired. For this reason, this Ferrari SUV has an excellent infotainment system, but it’s not made to offer a built-in navigation system. Instead, you’ll simply use the 10.2-inch touchscreen and connect via Apple CarPlay or Android Auto.

Turning to the safety features of this new Ferrari SUV, you’ll find a relatively basic package of expected items for the 2023 model year. You’ll see driver-assistance features, including automatic emergency braking, automatic high beams, and adaptive cruise control.

How Much Power Does this Ferrari Offer?

The new Ferrari Purosangue brings an incredible 6.5-liter naturally aspirated V12 engine. This engine produces 715 horsepower and 528 lb-ft of torque for the drive. Ferrari claims this SUV can hit 60 mph in less than 3.3 seconds on the way to a top speed of 193 mph.

To make this SUV even more aerodynamic and quicker, Ferrari includes a standard adaptive suspension that allows the Purosangue to squat down nearly one-half inch to cut the wind resistance. This system also applies force to the dampers during cornering to dispel body roll and make it easy for this SUV to turn some fast laps.

Does this New Ferrari SUV Sound Like Fun?

The DMC version of the new Ferrari Purosangue might be a limited model with an extra-high price, not that the standard version will be any bargain. This new SUV will certainly fit into the same niche market where the Ferrari sports cars are sold. Will we see most buyers of this SUV choose it to match one of their Ferrari sports cars, or will it catch on like the Lamborghini Urus with its incredible power and performance numbers?

Expect to learn more as we get closer to this SUV hitting the market. We should get to know both versions of this SUV better in the future.

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