Upgraded Genesis Styling Makes it to the G70

The newest of the Genesis trio of sedans is the G70. This car entered the market a couple of years after the brand was founded.

With the addition of the G70, Genesis had a truly impressive sports sedan that could target other compact luxury performance sedans and become a favorite. In fact, this car was so good coming out of the gate that it won many awards in its first year.

The Looks Get Better and Better

While the 2022 model year will only mark the middle of the generation for the Genesis G70, it will be a year in which we see the new style of Genesis added to this small sedan. We were introduced to the new front look when the 2021 Genesis G80 arrived and that style will carry over to the rest of the lineup in a hurry.

The Genesis G70 Gains Athletic Elegance

The design language has been part of automotive development for a long time. Mazda had its Kodo language and now Genesis offers us Athletic Elegance as its design language. This new direction allows us to know that we should expect style that blows us away while bringing the athleticism we want when we step in and take a drive. The G70 will feature this new style and take another step forward in the pantheon of luxury vehicles.

What Does the New Front Offer?

The Genesis badge is a shield with wings coming out of it. The entire front end of the new Genesis models will feature a larger version of this by using the grille, headlights, and lines that move down the sides of the vehicle. The G70 offers this bold look and the smooth lines that make this car appear to be extremely sporty and incredibly sophisticated at the same time.

A Slight Difference in the Genesis G70

The G70 will feature a slightly different look in the front from the G80. The crest grille will sit lower and the headlights will be higher to give a smooth look to this smaller sedan. The sides and rear are a bit more subtle in the G70 than in the G80, which should be expected when you look at the smaller sedan that brings you the style and performance you want to enjoy.

The Interior Won’t Change Much

The newer version of the G70 will feature a similar interior to the previous versions. There will be more colorful leather options to select, and the infotainment screen is a 10.25-inch model, but otherwise, this area will look similar to what you saw in the previous models. As a mid-cycle refresh, this new G70 seems to be perfect for what you’ll want to enjoy on the road.

If you’re interested in making the Genesis G70 the car you enjoy driving, get ready to see what this new 2022 version will offer. The new style could be exactly what you need to make this car the one that you’ll love showing to your friends, family, and neighbors.

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