The Most Unique Ford SUV (1)

There is one vehicle on the market that seems to avoid being defined. This vehicle is a far cry from being a minivan, but it doesn’t look much like an SUV either. Considered an urban SUV or large wagon, the Ford Flex can be the right vehicle for you and your family to have the drive you need from your home to dinner, to the weekend spot, or to the different stores where you perform your weekly errands. This vehicle is comfortable, filled with quality features, and has the rugged look that makes it an excellent vehicle to drive.

Dedicated to the Family Life

The Ford Flex is easily a dedicated family vehicle that can be easy for you to have the smooth drive and quality feeling you’re looking for. The long wheelbase of the Flex makes it comfortable for you and your family to take a ride. There’s plenty of power under the hood to make sure you can take a full load where you want to go and even pull a trailer that weighs as much as 4,500 pounds. You’ll be pleased with the style and the feeling you find in the Ford Flex.

Features You’ll Notice Right Away

The MultiPanel Vista Roof

You can choose the optional sky view offered by the MultiPanel Vista Roof that’s offered in the Ford Flex. This item allows everyone that’s riding along with you to see the sky above and have the view desired. This roof consists of a moonroof in front twin skylights over the second row and a large single skylight over the third row. Everyone that rides with you in the Ford Flex will be able to enjoy the view of the sky and the world around them with this amazing roof.

Sync 3 Infotainment

The most advanced infotainment from the Ford brand is included in the Flex to give you the connectivity you desire. The Sync 3 system is standard on SEL and Limited trims while being an option on other trims levels. You’ll admire how easy this system is to use and connect to so that you can have the experience you want when you drive. Use Apple CarPlay or Android Auto to connect to your infotainment system and have a great ride when you get behind the wheel of the Ford Flex to have a drive that everyone will be able to enjoy.

The Interior Comfort You’re Looking for

When you choose the Ford Flex, you’ll have three rows of seats no matter the trim level you take home with you. Higher trim levels can be had with a premium pair of chairs in the second row to add more comfort to this passenger area. Both rear rows of seats fold flat to create a cargo area of up to 83.2 cubic feet for the large items you need to bring home. Fold down only the third row and you still have 43.2 cubic feet of cargo room for the stuff you need to carry in the Flex.

Ford Offers the Right Power in the Flex

The only engine used for the Ford Flex is a 3.5-liter V6 model, but it is tuned two different ways. The base offering is a naturally aspirated version that gives you 287 horsepower and 254 lb.-ft. of torque. The upgraded model uses twin-turbocharging to increase the power to 365 horsepower and 350 lb.-ft. of torque. The only transmission used for the Ford Flex is a six-speed automatic that delivers the power you need to the wheels to make sure you can have the ride you need.

Find Your Flex Today

Even though the Ford Flex doesn’t bow to tradition or fit in any specific category, it’s one of the most useful and interesting vehicles you can find. Visit the team at your nearby Ford dealership today and select one of the models offered that will give you the full package of what you want when it’s time to drive. The Ford Flex will become the SUV that has the low ride height and comfort you’re looking for while also being the SUV that brings you plenty of room and quality when you get behind the wheel.

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