The Sounds of the Future: Electric Muscle Car Sounds

Electric cars are exactly the opposite of what you expect from a muscle car, but the future is electric and Dodge is embracing it.

This simple fact tells us that Dodge needs to adjust their thinking on the future of muscle cars. Recent announcements show this brand has done just that. We expect to see a new version of a Dodge muscle car in 2024, with a concept model showing up next year. When this happens, we will see a door beginning to close with the end of the high-horsepower V8 engines disappearing and new electric muscle becoming the norm.

Wait, What About the Sound?

Dodge is known for the loud, somewhat obnoxious sounds that come out of the high-powered cars it offers. These amazing exhaust notes are a huge part of the “look at me” experience many drivers of these cars love to offer. The incredible power, performance, and drive of the Challenger and Charger give us the feeling of fun, adrenaline, and excitement. Older generations reminisce about a time when these cars ruled the road, and younger drivers love the way they feel and sound. Will we have the sounds we love in the electric versions?

A good question is whether or not we’ll have the same sounds we love in an electric version of one of these cars that we enjoy with the high-powered gasoline models. The answer that Dodge gives us, we will enjoy a lot of noise. Even though electric vehicles are quiet and peaceful, artificial noises are coming from these electric cars. The sounds will mimic some of what we have now, but those sounds could be much different when you have a traditional version and an electric model together. This difference could be enjoyable for some, but others might not enjoy the fake noises coming from the new Dodge cars.

Which Model Will the Dodge EV Resemble

We don’t have the new Dodge EV concept version yet, which leaves many questions unanswered. These questions include which car this new Dodge will resemble. The new EV could be either the two-door Challenger or four-door Charger, but the brand hasn’t announced which one it will be yet. A new logo could become part of the mix with the Fratzog logo on the grille. This logo showed up on Dodge models of the 1960s and 1970s.

Which Electric Platform Should Underpin the Dodge EV

Without a name, all we are going to call this new muscle car is the Dodge EV. Along with the sounds, we’ll hear, the new model could ride on any of the four dedicated EV platforms offered. Across these four Stellantis platforms, three unibody models offer driving ranges varying from 300 to 500 miles. Considering the size of the Charger and Challenger models, it’s possible the new electric muscle car could use the STLA large platform that delivers up to 500 miles of electric driving range. We don’t know much more than this about the new Dodge EV, but it’s certainly on the way, and could be extremely exciting.

What is the Current Dodge Charger?

Until we have the new Dodge EV in the market, we have the Charger and Challenger to enjoy. The Charger delivers a useful sedan build and feeling to ensure you can have an easy drive with your family. Whether you select the mild-mannered SXT or GT trims or head up the line to one of the Hellcat models, you’ll find a sedan that gives you the power and performance you’re looking for in an excellent vehicle to drive.

Favorite Items on Either End of the Spectrum

The top model and the bottom model of the Dodge Charger make it on the list of favorite items we enjoy in this car. The SXT gives you an affordable car with a strong V6 engine that delivers a full package of qualities and the option of AWD. The SRT Hellcat Redeye turns this mild-mannered sedan into a screaming beast of a muscle car that brings you the power and wild personality you want when you’re looking for a serious adrenaline rush. This wild child could be right for you.

How Much Power Can You Find in the Charger?

The Dodge Charger comes in seven different models. The power range spans from a 3.6-liter Pentastar V6 engine offering 292 horsepower up to the SRT Jailbreak with the 6.2-liter supercharged V8 engine that returns 807 horsepower for your drive. These are certainly two different models of the same car.

What does the Current Dodge Challenger Offer?

If you want a car that delivers the classic muscle car look and style, you want to drive the Dodge Challenger. This two-door coupe looks like it was picked right out of the 1960s and brought forward to today. The powertrain lineup is similar to the Charger, but you have a serious sports car edge with the Challenger that you don’t find in the sedan model from Dodge.

What Items Make it to the Favorites List?

The only muscle car in the market with AWD offered is the Dodge Challenger. This means you’ll have to stick to one of the lower trims of this car, but that might not be bad when you’re ready to take this mean beast for a drive. The SRT Hellcat Redeye version of the Charger is also a big hit. This impressive model delivers the power you’re after for a lot less than you’ll pay for a European supercar. You’ll burn the tires and scream around on the track in this amazing Challenger.

How Much Power Can You Find in the Challenger?

The base model, the SXT version of the Challenger, has the same powertrain as the Charger, but it’s tuned up to 303 horsepower to give you more grunt under the hood. The top power producer for the Challenger is the SRT Super Stock which delivers 807 horsepower, the same as the Jailbreak model of the Charger.

While we wait for the new Dodge EV to show itself, you can experience two of the most powerful cars in the market. Which muscle car is right for you?

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