2016 Porsche 911 GT3 RS

As one of the world’s greatest performance cars, especially with the long run of success  the 911 has enjoyed, the GT3 RS variant of the 911 comes in as a sports car that has it all and will keep you easily rolling as fast as you want (as long as that speed is not above 188 mph) and gives you back everything you put into this amazing car.

Even without the RS kit the GT3 makes 475 horsepower and will make a better top speed, but this car is really about going to the racetrack where there’s a pack of talented drivers waiting to take the lead away from you and actually reaching this top speed is a rarity even on straightaways.  The need on a track is to have awesome downforce, airflow, aerodynamics and handling.

With this in mind, the real test for the new GT3 RS was the run at Nurburgring Nordschleife which was accomplished in only seven minutes and twenty seconds, a fantastic time for this twisted track that has often tested the metal of even the best of the high powered sports cars made throughout Europe.  So let’s take a look at the numbers this beauty produces.

This version of the 911 shows up with a time to sixty mph of only 3.1 seconds, reaches 124 mph in 10.9 seconds and makes the jump from 50-75 mph in only two seconds.  Along with these numbers is the impressive amount of downforce on the front and rear of this car that give it the nearly glued to the track feeling which allows this car to be the performance beast that it is, which should quickly make the competition shake with fear when they see this awesome car lineup at the track for the race.

Of course one of the best parts of having a Porsche is the interior features that go along with all the driving equipment.  The GT3 RS offers a comfortable and stylish interior full of suede and leather coverings and every imaginable variety of equipment you might need.  If you plan to show your new Porsche off to the world. the navigation system will come in handy, just as the advanced safety equipment will help you stay inside the lines and watch out for other drivers in one of these beauties that is set up for the road instead of the track.

Regardless of the Porsche GT3 RS you are familiar with is one that is made for the track or one that is built to run on the road you will fully appreciate the awesome driving and equipment that has been part of 911 lore for generations.  You can have the Porsche you want with this new model that adds to the already extensive 911 menu.  Having this new Porsche in your garage will let you know you have a car that was made to be unleashed at the track.

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