Tesla is Working to Get More Drivers to Choose Autopilot

The Autopilot system offered in the Tesla vehicles isn’t quite a complete as the name suggests, but it can be great to give it a try.

The Autopilot system offered by Tesla has been mired with bad publicity, but the fact is, if you approach it as the semi-autonomous system that it is, the system is the most advanced on the market right now. In order to allow Tesla drivers to experience what Autopilot has to offer, Tesla is going to offer something to entice owners to add this to the vehicle they drive.

By giving owners that don’t already have Autopilot installed a free trial of the system, more owners may decide to add this system to their vehicles to have the experience desired every day. Currently, this system can cost $5,000 as an upgrade to a Tesla model, but considering the improvements being made to this system over the next twelve months, more Tesla owners may want to make this upgrade.

The Tesla Free Trial Starts in July

The free program for the Autopilot system will be rolled out in July along with a planned upgraded later in the same week. While there aren’t any details regarding the length of this trial, it will give customers that chance to enjoy the system and make use of the features for a period of time. The fact that the Autopilot system is offered as the most advanced system of its kind will make this trial period one that makes a huge difference for the drive and could allow new customers to enjoy the drive. Some of the items that are included in the Autopilot system are lane-keeping assist, adaptive cruise control, and a slew of other items that make the drive easier for you to have the ride you’re looking for.

With this system offered to make sure you have an advanced driver assistance package for the ride on the road, the Tesla models that will enjoy the benefits of a free trial will have the qualities offered for the drive that can be worth the added cost to have the system as part of the experience permanently. Before the Autopilot system can seriously be an autonomous system, there will need to be some upgrades added. The free trial period for this system offers the potential for more drivers to enjoy this package of features.

While the system toes the line between semi and fully autonomous capabilities, drivers need to understand the fact this system isn’t a Level 5 autonomous system yet. It will be interesting to see how many Tesla customers change to make use of the Autopilot system and spend the additional $5,000 to have this system as part of their vehicle that can be updated as the system gets better and better over the upcoming months.

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