Ten Hidden Features of the Ford F-150

Do you want to get the most out of your Ford F-150? Most likely, your answer to that question was a resounding “yes” and you’re waiting to be told what you need to do to get the most out of it. Some vehicles are built with only a few things for you to enjoy, others have some gems built into them, and others have hidden items that are made for you to find and discover something new.

The Right Truck for You

Among the three categories listed in the previous sentence, the Ford F-150 falls in the last one. Sure, you know this truck to be the best-selling truck in the US. Of course, you know the F-150 can be comfortable, powerful, and capable. You might even think it’s the right truck for you to drive, but what you don’t know are the top ten hidden features that will make a difference for you.
Let’s check them out now:

1. Dead Key Fob Location

If the key fob battery dies, you still need to be able to drive your truck. This can seem like a bit of a problem, but it doesn’t have to be. Under the cupholder in the front center console, there is a slot that fits the key fob. When the battery is dead, simply drop the key fob in this slot and the signal will be sent through the fob to the truck and make it easy for you to drive until you can replace the battery.

2. Retrieve Factory Key Code

If you have the keyless entry feature for your Ford F-150, you have a five-digit code that you can type in and enter the truck. If you lose that code, you might think you’re out of luck, but you don’t have to be. With both sets of keys, you can retrieve the code by putting them in the slot mentioned and turning the truck on and off without starting it. The code will appear on the screen after the second key is used and the truck is started.

3. Prompt vs. Audio Volume

Sometimes the volume for the navigation system is either too loud compared to your audio system or too soft. This is something you can adjust in the Ford F-150. To adjust the prompt volume of the navigation system voice, you simply need to wait for the system to begin speaking to you and then adjust the volume while being given instructions.

4. Change Door Code

To change the factor door code to one that you want to use for the Ford F-150 is pretty simple. All you need to do is put in the factory code, then press 1, wait for the door to cycle, and then type in the code you want to use. This is an easy way to have a custom code that you can use. You do need to keep your factory code because if the truck ever loses power it will revert to the factory door code.

5. Use the Radio Without the Key

If you want to use the radio and you don’t have the keys with you in the Ford F-150, you can do this. Simply press the power button on the audio system and start using the audio system. This makes it easy for you to spend time waiting for others to come back to the truck or when you’re tailgating and want to listen to the radio but you don’t have the keys. Enjoy how easy Ford makes it for you to be entertained.

6. Jack Location

The jack you need when you have a flat tire on your Ford F-150 has been moved from the previous location under the rear seats to just behind them. All you have to do is release the seat latch and you see the jack and the fuel filler nozzle that can be used if you ever need to put gas in the truck from a gas can. This is much easier than the previous location of the jack.

7. Memory Seats With the Key Fob

Program the seating position using the key fob that you carry with you. This is perfect if you and your spouse are of different heights and need to have the seats put in different positions for the drive. Once programmed, all you have to do is hit the unlock button and the seats and mirrors will go into the position you want for the drive.

8. Motion Sensors

If you’re wondering what the small holes in the roof console of your Ford F-150 are, they are motion sensors. These sensors are made to detect if a person reaches their hand inside to take your cell phone or other items out of the truck. If you have all sensors engaged, when you leave the vehicle, these sensors will cause the alarm to sound for you and alert you to an issue.

9. Active Grille Shutters

The Ford F-150 is equipped with active grille shutters to automatically open and close to restrict or allow the airflow needed to make sure your truck is operating at the best temperature for the drive. These are items that you might not think about and you won’t need to do anything with, but it’s nice to know they are working to have your F-150 run the right way.

10. Longer Range for Your Key Fob

If you’re searching for your vehicle in a parking lot but realize you’re not quite close enough to reach the truck and make the alarm sound so that you can find the Ford F-150, there’s something you can do. Place the key fob under your chin and you’ll have a little extra range to reach the truck and make it sound off to let you know where its located.

Enjoy these useful features when you choose the Ford F-150 that will be the one that you want to drive every day. Get yours programmed the right way and if you have any questions about these ten items, ask your local Ford dealer to assist you.

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