Buying a used hybrid or EV is a great way to save big on car purchases. While buying a used hybrid or electric vehicle is much like buying a gas-powered vehicle, there are some things you’ll want to keep a closer eye on. Today, we’ll take a look at some of the main factors you should consider when shopping for a used hybrid or EV.

Understand Hybrid and EV Battery Drain

A hybrid or electric vehicle’s battery is an important part of its performance. Understanding how the battery operates is important when you are shopping for used cars for sale. Shopping for used hybrid and EV models means you’re probably purchasing a vehicle with a battery that’s likely lived quite a life, especially if you are buying an older model.

Over time, batteries drain and are less effective at holding a charge, resulting in poorer performance than if you were buying new. If you are purchasing a hybrid, a tired and poor-performing battery may mean you’re relying on fuel more often. This can result in poorer fuel economy, detracting from one of the main benefits of having a hybrid in the first place. The best way to avoid severe battery drain is by sticking to models within the past five years.

Prepare for a Battery Replacement

A major repair that you’ll have to consider making down the line when shopping for a used hybrid or EV is a battery replacement. Batteries should be replaced at roughly the 100,000-mile mark. While a full-on battery replacement can be expensive, your mechanic may be able to replace individual cells as opposed to the full battery pack. This allows you to extend the life of your battery for the time being.


Evaluate the Battery’s Health

You have probably pieced together by now that an electric or hybrid vehicle’s battery will be the most critical component you’ll want to examine before purchasing. Because of this, when purchasing a used hybrid or EV, be sure to have a certified mechanic look at it first. Mechanics can perform a diagnostic test on an EVs battery to determine its health. As you’re evaluating the battery’s health, be sure to look into the original battery warranty. Most manufacturers offer some sort of coverage on the battery that goes beyond the bumper-to-bumper coverage.

Prepare for Higher Price Points on a Used Hybrid or EV

Because of the demand for electric vehicles, their overall fuel efficiency, and lower maintenance costs, hybrid and electric vehicles tend to cost a lot more than traditional gas-powered vehicles when bought used. Because of this, the actual purchase in itself will be one that you’ll have to save up for. If you’re purchasing from a dealership that has hybrid and EV used cars for sale, you may be able to take advantage of in-house financing options that might make the purchase more affordable.

How Old Is Too Old

The age of a used hybrid or electric vehicle is pretty important when considering a used vehicle purchase. As with gas-powered vehicles, there is no set age that makes a hybrid or EV too old to purchase. However, because these vehicles rely on battery power, it’s important to try and stick with newer models. Along with the age, it’s important to take a close look at the battery’s health, the hybrid’s powertrain, and traditional issues like brake pads and frame structure as you would look at when purchasing a gas-powered used vehicle.

Shop Certified Pre-Owned with Your Local Dealer

If you’re looking for peace of mind when shopping for your first used hybrid or EV, turn to your local dealership, where they have used cars for sale. Franchise dealerships and used car lots that offer certified pre-owned hybrid and EV models allow you to shop with confidence. Certified pre-owned used cars are vehicles that have undergone rigorous inspection regarding power, performance, and battery health.

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