Separating Used Cars_ The Great Deals From The Bad Ideas

There’s no question that that searching for used cars has its advantages and you can get some great deals if you know how to shop. From lower sticker prices to ample reviews and information online to a wide selection of options, used cars are an amazing choice for your next ride.

The challenge, however, is how you decide to choose your next pre-owned vehicle. A bad procedure could mean overpaying for something that won’t last. A great buying technique could lead to the deal of a lifetime on your dream car.

To help you dig through all of the used cars available in your area, here are some tips to improve your used car buying strategy.

Do Some Homework For Great Deals

So you’ve browsed through all of the used cars available at your local dealership, and one of the vehicles popped out to you. It seems to have all of the features you want and fits your budget, but you want to know if it’s a good deal.

Start by determining if the price of the car matches its market value. Check out websites like Kelly Blue Book or Edmunds to evaluate the value of just about any car out there. You can enter information about mileage, condition, year, and more. The more information you can offer, the better this evaluation is going to be.

Knowing the true value is the first step to a successful negotiation.

Give The Car A Look

Once you’ve determined if the car fits your budget and what its true market value is, it’s time to see the car in person. Take some time to explore the car’s condition.

  • Are the seats comfortable?
  • Are there tears, stains, or other blemishes inside and out?
  • Does everything work like it’s supposed to? Check the lights, radio, etc.
  • Does the car have any weird or strong odors?

Once you give the car a good look, take it for a test drive. This is when you can make sure all of its systems function. Turn on the heat and AC, blast the radio, etc. Your test drive is also a time to check how the car handles, brakes, shifts gears, speeds up, and more.

Make a checklist of all of the different areas of the vehicle and rate them accordingly.

Get a Second Opinion To Find Great Deals

Suppose you’re not entirely sure about the shape, condition, and value of a vehicle. See if you can take it to an independent mechanic for a quick inspection. This will cost you a little money but can give you a non-biased opinion on where the car stands.

Another way to get information on the car is to look at its history report. Some dealers will give you a complimentary history report, while others may charge a small fee. It’s worth it to learn about where a car has been.

Make the Move

Whether or not a car is a true deal depends on your situation and desire for the vehicle. If it meets your needs and budget, it might be time to make an offer. Discuss any issues you found with the vehicle during your inspection, showcase your knowledge of the car’s market value, and always be ready to walk away from a bad deal. Your next great deal is out there waiting for you.

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