Redefining Luxury: Rivian's R1S Combines Class with Environmental Responsibility

Rivian seems to be on an upswing. This EV startup has some new tricks up its proverbial sleeve, the least of which isn’t the new Rivian R1S SUV.

While we wait for Rivian to reveal the second quarter numbers for this year, we can admire the number of deliveries during the first quarter. From the manufacturing facility in Normal, Illinois, Rivian was able to deliver 12,640 vehicles, which should put the company on track to hit the 50,000 goal by the end of the year. The second quarter numbers will be available after August 8, but so far, things are looking up for this new EV company.

Rivian stock price went up; why?

Investors in Rivian recently saw the stock price increase by as much as 18%. This increase came after announcements of a new Enduro drive unit being added to the electric van assembly line. This new powertrain, along with the increased production of R1S SUV models, could be why the stock increased as much as it did. Recent news points to the R1S becoming the cornerstone of the brand with more of these SUVs being built than the R1T trucks. We’ll have more clarity on the mixture of these two vehicles.

How does the Enduro Powertrain change things?

The new Enduro powertrain is a two-motor system that is much different from the four-motor layouts used in most R1S and R1T models. This new two-motor system is good for 600 horsepower and 600 lb-ft of torque in its standard package. There’s also an Enhanced AWD system that brings 700 horsepower and 700 lb-ft of torque to the mix. This new powertrain could make some R1S and R1T models more affordable. A boost in pre-orders has been confirmed by the company. Rivian intends to adopt the new North American Charging Standard plug, which makes charging these EVs much easier.

What is the Rivian R1S?

The R1S is the latest product from this brand. It’s an all-electric SUV, offering the adventurous qualities expected that have been found in the R1T model. If you expect the R1S to be capable out on the trails, you’re on the right track. This new electric SUV has an air suspension with adaptive shocks and an electro-hydraulic roll control system with traditional anti-roll bars. This system also raises and lowers the suspension by up to 5.5 inches to bring a controlled ride to your time on the road.

R1S – The Go-Anywhere Electric SUV

Put this new Rivian in Comfort mode, and you’ll have a smooth and enjoyable drive. Instead of feeling different and a bit jarring, the drive and braking systems offer a smooth and comfortable feeling that makes this SUV feel as normal as possible. The outward visibility ensures you can drive with confidence on the road but also see what’s happening when you venture onto the trails. The one-pedal drive model helps you creep and crawl along at slow speeds on trails, which makes it easier for you to focus on the drive and not worry about speed. This impressive off-road electric SUV can also handle driving through up to three feet of water when it’s time to cross a stream.

This SUV brings class to environmental responsibility

Although most might consider the term “vegan leather” to be contradictory, it simply means the simulated leather used in the Rivian R1S is made without animal parts. This material, along with real wood accents, gives the Rivian R1S a classy look in the cabin. While other EVs are going for a stark, bare, and futuristic look, the R1S offers a cozier feel that fits in when you take this SUV off the beaten path.

More passengers for more fun

When you need an SUV that allows you to carry up to seven people for some fun and adventure, some SUVs will let you down. The R1S has three rows of seats, giving you the roominess and seating locations required to provide an excellent place for everyone to enjoy some adventures together. The rear two rows fold flat using a power feature, which makes for a large cargo area that can be perfect for carrying lots of gear when required.

Rivian seems to be in upswing mode and could hit its goal numbers for the year. The new Enduro powertrain and R1S orders look to be the right formula for this company to experience future success. Of course, we’ll know more once the second quarter numbers are released in early August.

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