03.08.17 - Some Guy Snowboarding

03.08.17 - Some Guy Snowboarding

When it comes to the vehicles used to get up the mountains and to the top of the slopes for the snow sports enjoyed during the winter months most of us would think the right vehicle and partnership would come from a company that offers a variety of SUV models. These SUVs would also need to have AWD as part of the setup which means they can handle the challenges of the ride on the mountain roads going up to the slopes. With this in mind the most unlikely partnership with the Professional Ski Instructors and the American Association of Snowboard Instructors (PSIA-AASI) is Volkswagen for their sponsor vehicle.

The reason for this partnership; the new 2017 Golf Alltrack which offers the right size and capability in a vehicle that’s right for this organization to have what they want on the slopes. The Golf Alltrack is perfect for transporting the equipment and instructors all winter long to give them what they need. Currently Volkswagen has provided this vehicle with the 4Motion AWD system to nine divisions of the PSIA-AASI around the country. This will not only help give the instructors the vehicles they need but bring more visibility to Volkswagen and the Alltrack as a capability solution.

In order to have a vehicle that can support the active lifestyle of the instructors in this organization the vehicle has to match them in ability and versatility. These instructors not only enjoy the benefit of bringing their snow and ski equipment with them to the slopes but can also use these Golf Alltrack models for the transition to other activities all year long. This is the perfect vehicle to fit the needs and fit into areas where other, larger models wouldn’t be able to fit and provide the services needed by these instructors.

While we know the Volkswagen Golf as a capable and versatile hatchback, the Alltrack model is one that’s more like a wagon and it sits up higher similar to an SUV. This gives us a vehicle that can compete in the segment that was once only held by the Subaru Outback but now fits the Alltrack into the space as well. These vehicles with the 4Motion AWD offer the benefit of Hill Decent Control and an Off Road Mode which actually increases the ground clearance for the vehicle, making it more capable than ever before.

With this partnership both Volkswagen and the PSIA-AASI are able to enjoy the benefits offered with a great vehicle and the exposure needed. The AWD Alltrack is the right vehicle to get the instructors and their students to the desired destinations for the fun on the slopes they’re looking for. If this vehicle can provide these experts with the ability they need, imagine what it could do for you in order to bring you the ride you want. Whether you’re looking to head off road or need something that will work well in foul weather, the Golf Alltrack makes a fantastic choice.

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