Opening the Year the Right Way Part 2 - Detroit Auto Show

Opening the Year the Right Way Part 2

Here are a few more of the brands we expect to see at the Detroit Auto Show and what they will bring for us to admire and look forward to as the New Year begins. This first show of the year has been known to bring us some surprises that make a serious impression in the automotive world. While we aren’t sure if there will be any surprises this year, we can say with confidence that you’ll be amazed by what different brands bring for us to see.

Jeep –The newest offering we’ll see from Jeep for the Detroit Auto Show will be the new Jeep Cherokee. This SUV has the premium design that we want to see and is expected to be equipped with a powertrain that’s more efficient than in previous years. This model looks more like a Jeep and certainly will fit in with the rest of the lineup from this brand.

Lamborghini –The Urus is the SUV we’ll see from this exciting supercar brand and it’s the first they have made in 25 years. While it made a debut in its home country of Italy in December, this SUV is going to make its way around to the different shows that will be held around the world for us to see what it offers.

Lexus –This brand has brought amazing models to the show over the past few years and this year will certainly not disappoint at all. The Lexus team is planning to arrive with the LF-1 Limitless Concept that will be the one that will give us a look at what a future flagship crossover SUV could be for the brand. This is a model that was designed in Southern California.

Mercedes-Benz –As the large and classic vehicle that we love to talk about, the new G-Class will make its way to Detroit and let us see what changes are in store for this new model. There are expected to be significant differences in the cabin along with some powertrain differences in a model that will have less weight than it has had in previous years.

Ram –Keeping with the other major US truck brands, Ram will bring out its new 2019 Ram 1500 for us to see what this will be when it makes its way off the production line. This impressive model will have some impressive upgrades and has been a model we’ve talked about quite a bit already.

Toyota –The most recent redesign we’ve seen from this brand was with the Camry but now this brand will do the same to the Avalon that will show up on the stage in Detroit. This car will offer a bold look and make use of the new global architecture that’s been used to underpin many models. The Supra is likely not ready to make a show debut yet and won’t be present.

Volkswagen –We expect to see a new Jetta that will arrive at the Detroit Auto Show and give us a look at a sleeker and more mature looking car. It’s time for the world to stop giving VW a pass at the lack of design and they know it, which will mean the Jetta we see could be the one that shows up on the production line for us to have an excellent model to enjoy on the road.


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