2015 Toyota Corolla

After a full redesign for 2014, the Corolla comes in as a familiar and trusted name in the compact automotive segment giving owners a great deal of driving enjoyment as well as having a price that is very easy to enjoy. Continuing to offer the same well-designed and trusted engine under the hood as well as the twist-beam rear axle suspension, the Corolla continues to offer a great deal of fuel economy and affordability for owners to enjoy. In addition to this, the Corolla continues to offer what it has for so many years, a dependability that makes it very much a Toyota.

Because of the upgrades added during the previous model year, the Corolla only received a few enhancements including a new painted front grill for the LE and LE Eco models while the other models become mono-spec cars by adding the driver Convenience Package but no other packages or upgrades to add to the higher trim levels.

The driving impression of the Corolla offers a smooth ride and a well-mannered performance that will take care of most drivers in a very enjoyable and acceptable way. For car lovers and driving enthusiast, the Corolla is probably not going to be their choice of vehicle to drive, but for most people this car will do just fine. The Corolla offers a very nice suspension that helps offer a smooth ride and a very responsive steering system that allows the car to easily handle corners with confidence. On the inside the Corolla offers a decent amount of noise cancellation to make sure owners can still listen to whatever musical selections they choose from the audio system.

Two engines are offered for the Corolla giving owners a choice of what they want to enjoy. To go along with these two engine setups the Corolla is offered with three different transmissions to choose from. the base engine for this car is the 1.8-liter inline four-cylinder engine that is equipped in the L, LE and S models. This engine offers 132 horsepower and 128 lb.-ft. of torque for owners to enjoy having enough power to get the job done. Starting with the L model the six-speed manual transmission offers 28 city/37 hwy mpg to enjoy and 27 city/36 hwy mpg for the four-speed automatic transmission. The LE model is only equipped with a CVTi-S automatic transmission and offers 29 city/38 hwy mpg from this powertrain. Finally, the S model comes in with 29 city/37 hwy mpg when equipped with the CVTi-S automatic and 28 city/37 hwy mpg when equipped with the six-speed manual transmission.

Next up is the same engine but in the LE Eco model offers 140 horsepower and 126 lb.-ft. of torque. With three different models to choose from the LE Eco comes in at 30 city/42 hwy mpg when the CVTi-S automatic transmission is in place. The LE Eco Plus and Eco Premium offer a fuel efficiency of 30 city/40 hwy mpg when also equipped with the same transmission.

The most improved feature of the Corolla is the interior of the vehicle, making some pre-owned dealers like used cars in Yuba City anxious. The materials used in this otherwise highly affordable vehicle are enticing, smooth, comfortable and enjoyable. To add to the materials, the interior offers a great deal of legroom and space to enjoy the ride. Even rear seat passengers will be comfortable inside the vehicle and all controls are easily found and located where they need to be to be used by the driver.

On the outside the Corolla is sleek and stylish but also very understated. With a lot of actual details that have been attended to, the Corolla offers a great style and interesting looks that can be enjoyed by many car shoppers. The front of the Corolla begins with an oversized lower grill that allows greater air flow. This grill is flanked by two slant-eyed headlights that sweep back toward the rear which keeps interested onlookers moving across the vehicle. This car has very low angles from the hood to the roof and on back giving it a continuously curved appearance that allows owners to enjoy a decent amount of aerodynamics. The Corolla finished off with multi-spoked wheels hat are of 16 or 17-inch size and offer a very attractive finish to the overall vehicle.

As a very basic car, which most of this class of vehicle, are, the Corolla starts out with a very slight list of standard equipment. This equipment includes the very nicely upgraded interior, Bluetooth connectivity, iPod connectivity, air conditioning, a four-speaker audio system, power windows, a tilt/telescoping steering wheel, LED headlights and a manual height adjuster for the driver’s seat. The safety features include eight airbags to help keep everyone safe inside the vehicle while driving.

The optional equipment offered for the Toyota Corolla comes in the different trim levels. Moving up from the L to the LE the Corolla gains automatic climate control, the Entune six-speaker audio system with Bluetooth streaming, bigger wheels and remote keyless entry. The S model adds a sportier look with fog lights, a chrome-tipped exhaust pipe, a rear spoiler and bolder seats and instruments. the Driver’s Convenience Package gains the Entune Premium audio system, a navigation system and apps as well as a power moonroof and push button starting. Adding features and moving up the trim levels allows owners to enjoy some great additional features that make this plain and dialed down car into one that is easy to enjoy and is equipped with some high-end features.

Starting at the base model the 2015 Toyota Corolla comes in priced around $17,750 for the L model and moves up past $24,000 to gain the S model with all the bells and whistles. This allows a great deal of car shoppers to enjoy the ride in the Corolla along with taking advantage of the price that is both reasonable and affordable.

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