You Need More for Your Off Road Adventures

You Need More for Your Off Road Adventures

When you’re ready to head out on the trails you might think about adding bigger tires, a winch or even jacking your vehicle up a bit to fit even bigger tires under the ride, but you need more than these items to handle the wilderness and traverse the trails. When it comes time to head out and enjoy what nature has laid out for you to try and overcome, the best thing you can do is load up on the accessories that will make you the Boy Scout of your traveling group and make everyone else glad you did. Here are a few of the accessories you can choose.

ARB ARB505 E-Z Deflator – It’s important that you decrease your air pressure in your tires when you handle rocks or sand in order to increase your traction. This item can screw onto the valve stem of your tires and make removing air and knowing the pressure you should reach is shown on the gauge that’s included in the system. This is the perfect item for getting your tires right on the trail.

ARB 4×4 Accessories RK 11 Essentials Recovery Kit – This kit is the perfect tool to get your rig through the mud and the muck when you don’t have an actual electric winch on your vehicle. Even if you do, this could be the right item to use when you’re looking for an accessory to your winch that will help make it easier to get yourself or a trail friend out of the muck.

MAXSA Innovations 20333 Escaper Buddy Orange Traction Mat – These are some of the best tools you can have out on the trails, especially if you are traveling alone, which you shouldn’t do. The old idea of putting one of your floor mats underneath doesn’t work well, but these are an invaluable tool to help you make sure you can get unstuck and head out on the trails once again.

Slime 40026 2X Heavy Duty Direct Drive Tire Inflator – While you do need a deflator to get on the trails and do what you want, you need something to inflate the tires when you’re done. This is a great tool to pack along that will make sure you can get your tires back up to the road travel pressure after a long day or weekend in the wilderness.

Folding Shovel – This item has been used by the military for many years and it’s one of the most useful camp and trail items you’ll ever find. Whether you’re digging out hot coals to cook with or you need to clear an area under your tires to push your traction device underneath this is something you need to have with you that will be the right item when you need it.

48” Hi-Lift Black Cast and Steel Jack – If you’ve lifted your vehicle at all and you don’t want to deal with how to make the factory provided jack work for you, this is the right way to get the job done. You’ll be able to lift your vehicle up higher on nearly every terrain so that you can change out a tire or take a look underneath for the trouble you might have found.

Medical/First Aid Kit – The more stuff you have in your medical bag, the better off you’ll be. You can start with a small kit that has the items needed for cuts, stings, blisters, and bruises and move up to carrying a splint and even a trail cast with you depending on what you feel you need out on the trails that you ride.

Craftsman Tool Bag – You’re going to break something out on the trails. That’s part of the adventure and sometimes the fun when you tell the stories years later. You want to be prepared for this event and to be read you need to carry along a tool bag full of great items for you to have the ability to fix what you need to out on the trials.

Pelican Soft Cooler – This cooler is great for a lot of reasons. This beauty comes with straps and hooks for you to have it locked down in place and it is collapsible which makes it one that you can carry fully loaded or open when you get to your destination and allow it to take up less space. You’ll have the cooler you want with you when you choose to have the right cooling for you.

Kidde FA110 Multi-Purpose Fire Extinguisher – You never know when a fire could happen on the trails. You’re driving a vehicle that puts off a lot of heat out in the wilderness and fire only needs heat, fuel, and air to occur. With this little item by your side, you can avoid being the one to start the forest fire in your area and make sure you can stay safe on the trails.

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