Most Reliable Cars of 2020 for Your Driving Confidence

If you know what the most reliable cars in the market are, you’ll know where to go and what to buy when you’re looking for a great car.

There are some brands that have earned excellent reliability scores every year and others that find their way up the list to show they’re making changes and improvements to give you the reliability factor you want. What are the most reliable car brands for 2020? Let’s take a look and find out.


The top of the list for 2020 is the Mazda brand. It might not be a name you expect to see, but Mazda reached a reliability score of 83 which is the highest in the industry. Mazda has invested in modern technology and offers you cars and SUVs that are fun to drive and filled with amazing features. If you’re looking for the most reliable cars to drive, you’ll want one with the Mazda name on it.


You can’t be surprised to find Toyota among the most reliable brands in the market. For many years, this brand has topped the list and given you the quality and impressive dependability you want in the car you take on the road. With a large selection of models, you’ll be glad to find the reliable cars of Toyota ready for you to bring one home from the dealership.


Lexus earned a reliability score from Consumer Reports of 71, which is only three below Toyota. As the luxury arm of Toyota, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to find Lexus high on the list. This brand offers you the comfort, quality, engaged drive, and performance you want when you’re looking for upscale driving pleasure. If you’re ready to enjoy reliable luxury driving, choose a Lexus, and experience the quality offered by this brand.


Just a tick below Lexus, Buick reaches fourth in the list of the most reliable cars for 2020. For many years, Buick has rebranded itself to attract a larger demographic of buyers to enjoy the ride and experience the premium quality drive offered by a Buick model. Choose a car or SUV that has everything you’re looking for. When you want to straddle the line between mainstream and luxury driving, Buick has what you want to enjoy.


Another brand that nearly always reaches the top of the reliability scores is Honda. This year, Honda reached a score of 63 for reliability to make it the fifth-best in the market. You know you’re going to have a high-quality drive and tons of great features when you choose a model from Honda. Add the fact that you’ll have some of the most reliable cars to drive from this brand and you’ll be pleased to take a Honda home today.

The top ten of the most reliable cars for 2020 come from Hyundai, Ram, Subaru, Porsche, and Dodge as the sixth through the tenth-ranked brands in the market. Which brand will you turn to for the vehicle you want to drive? When it comes to reliability, the ten named here are the ones you want to see first.

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