Business Analytics

Dealers have more data available to them than ever before. In fact, dealers are often deluged with reports from various marketing sources, OEM data, and data from their own internal software such as their CRM and DMS.

But are they using that data to make better decisions and hold their people and vendors accountable? Or are they drowning in data that is increasingly incomprehensible and disconnected?

Time spent aggregating reports and analytics from various vendors, departments, sales, and campaigns can be daunting and many dealers utilize only a fraction of the information available to them. But just as Customer Relations Management tools (CRMs) have allowed a quantum leap in tracking and managing our customers and clients, new Business Management Systems (BMS) are allowing dealers to aggregate in real-time and overlay information from various sources.

New Business Management tools such as String Automotive’s Dealer Positioning System (DPS) pull and integrate data from web stats, vendor data, registration data, dealer data, demand data, demographic and market data and present it in easy to understand graphical representation.

This information aggregate allows dealers and their various department managers to visualize both the big picture of what is happening in their marketplace and their dealership. At that point, they make better decisions that increase sales and market share.

Dealers can now take that deep dive into Big Data and not drown in it. Business Management Systems such as String’s DPS simplify the process of aggregating data from their own sales, inventory, and vendors with outside information and data about their markets and customers. That’s what we call a clear, competitive edge.

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